By fuuuudge - United States
Today, my boyfriend took me out to meet his friends. It was going really well until I left to use the bathroom and two of the girls with us came in and started talking about how creepy Matt's new girlfriend is and that they're happy he's going to dump her. My boyfriend is Matt. FML
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  Bucinka  |  5

One thing women and girls routinely do which imho is really dumb is gossip in public restrooms. You never know who's in the stall listening. Yet they do it anyway.

  sunlovinmama  |  1

exactly my thoughts. those vindictive little bitches knew u were in there. I would talk to Matt and tell him what they said. if it's true you can stop wasting your time on him and if it's not he needs to know his so called friends are bitches!

By  JCK621  |  0

well, that might've been a prank, no? assuming you were out together, they'd know you went to the bathroom, so their convo in there might've been just to spite you, if they like your boyfriend better than you? while it may be true your boyfriend might be dumping you, don't just take their word for it and create problems that might've not exist in the beginning. i hope everything goes well!

  CryingHowls  |  0

1. Don't jump to conclusions
2. Goth doesn't mean creepy
There are tons of creeps girls out there who aren't gothic.
3. Learn some respect for otheres who aren't a photocopy of u and ur ideals.

to the OP - i laugh at how so much gossip happens in girl's bathrooms xD
but yea, that doe suck. wonder how it turned out

  plutosaplanet  |  0

thats exactly what i was thinking. people dont usually bring someone to meet their friends just so when they break up they say see? wasnt she creepy? also when i was younger i ran into my boyfriends friends and they said he was gonna dump me so my friend and i went to her house, called him and dumped him... he was never gonna dump me and was so confused. so take what they say with a grain of salt