By moodyreallyrocks - United States
Today, my friend took me and a bunch of other guys out to a nice dinner. This was his way to say thank you for helping him move to a new apartment. He got the cheque, excused himself to go to the restroom and never came back to pay. FML
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  Sportsfan86  |  3

Have all of you guys take him out for dinner again another night as a guys night out, then when the cheque comes, all you guys go to the washroom and leave him and don't come back ;)

  enonymous  |  8

This guy is a genius. I really mean it. He dine and dashed and got you to move his stuff into his apt which by the time you go to his place it will now be a 7-11

  ChaeRi  |  3

Guess you have to wash dishes to pay it off, huh? Well no problem, Rihanna's here to help.

I'm washin dishes up in here, all night (uh-huh)
I ain't go stop until I get my money right (uh-huh)
I'mma pay it right tonight
I'mma pay it right tonight

Hope it helps.

  DocBastard  |  38

I'm guessing the spelling of "cheque" was changed by one of the "international" mods, as OP is from the US.

Either that or our Kentuckian OP is an international man of mystery.

  G97Alex  |  21

Not trying to sound like an asshole but can people stop commenting about how karma will get the person?
It becomes really annoying when 80% of all FMLs have the same type of comment without any originality.

  amayasoma  |  19

Well when most of the FML's end with the OP getting screwed over by friends, family, or a lover "karma" is the most appropriate thing to say in such a case.

  IndiRae  |  9

Not trying to sound like an asshole, but can people stop pulling random statistics out of their ass?
It becomes really annoying. When 93.4% of people bitch about the stupidest shit.

  knight0748  |  5

Actually, karma can't "get" anyone. Karma is the concept of cause and effect. It's not related to the idea of good and evil. Karma is not some divine power of retribution siding with you because the cashier short changed you.