By moodyreallyrocks - 01/11/2011 16:18 - United States

Today, my friend took me and a bunch of other guys out to a nice dinner. This was his way to say thank you for helping him move to a new apartment. He got the cheque, excused himself to go to the restroom and never came back to pay. FML
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nice friend you've got there

Buttsexpirate 9

That's true friendship right there bro.


nice friend you've got there

n_epic_fail 14

He invited you guys to a nice dinner and said thank you, now you want him to PAY?!! That's just about the craziest thing I've ever heard!

Have all of you guys take him out for dinner again another night as a guys night out, then when the cheque comes, all you guys go to the washroom and leave him and don't come back ;)

Well he did what he said he would do he took you guys out :D

at least you know where he lives (:

LiveLaughFML 10

F is for Friends who do stuff together :D

Maybe he just had extremely painful diarrhea?

Nice comment you got their

I think this should be the "friends" FML Today, I lost all my friends that helped me out when I really needed them because I am an utter douchebag FML

wooow. wudda nice guy.

enonymous 8

This guy is a genius. I really mean it. He dine and dashed and got you to move his stuff into his apt which by the time you go to his place it will now be a 7-11

he should bust a capnup his ass for doing that. Burn those gypsies

U is for you and me!

135 - there us no U in friends

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

cheque? fancy

CMichael 0

I've never heard of "check" being spelled "cheque" but alright.

13FTW 9

140, obviously you aren't a avid spongebob fun, which is fucking outrageous. That little yellow guy is a boss.

U is for uranium... BOMBS!

Pandakins12 0


Just "borrow" one of his cards and charge stuff you want 'till you're even.

Ouch, looks like someone needs to go to the bathroom more offen. (;

I think he had to go number two

Blackmail111 9

Or even a number 42

BlacOpsMaximus 5

haha! I'm not sure what that means but you made me lolz ;D

126-that's because you mist understand the question before you can understand the answer

drlove78843 6

What is number three:)

crosado531 0

You mean must

Ask the other guys to pay?

Or split the tab?

Or split some skulls.

flockz 19

or split THE RED SEA!

Llama_Face89 33

Split an atom?

Banana split?

You're all too half-hearted.

tylersign 11

I like girls who can do the splits?

Divide by zero.

its comments like these that make me feel good about spending long periods of time on this website

flockz 19

you mean... there's life outside FML?

Or you can just split. (Oh, wait -- that's what the other guy did.) |the kid|


sierralovesyou 0

Hahaha you guys all just made my day (: thank you!

About time to split, eh? Buggers, didn't see someone posted that above me. It felt so perfect. -LeEdit-

beckybecks20 8

Anybody else notice #3's shirt? The dude in the yellow? o.o

Thats what friends are for

Grammar baud should just leave

Guess you have to wash dishes to pay it off, huh? Well no problem, Rihanna's here to help. I'm washin dishes up in here, all night (uh-huh) I ain't go stop until I get my money right (uh-huh) I'mma pay it right tonight I'mma pay it right tonight Hope it helps.

U spelled check wrong

You spelled you wrong. And failed at correcting someone.

sportsy 7

You failed at proper grammar. Never start a sentience with and

If you're going to correct someone use real words not 'text language'.

melonrind 8

You're a jack ass.....God forbid someone uses proper American English spelling....

I'm guessing the spelling of "cheque" was changed by one of the "international" mods, as OP is from the US. Either that or our Kentuckian OP is an international man of mystery.

Sportsy.... If you're going to correct someone's grammar please spell sentence correctly..... Also your lacking a period at the end of your sentence.

Buttsexpirate 9

That's true friendship right there bro.

Your name.. IS AMAZING. xD

midnightsky1 3

:[ don't worry, karma will get him sooner or later.

Not trying to sound like an asshole but can people stop commenting about how karma will get the person? It becomes really annoying when 80% of all FMLs have the same type of comment without any originality.

amayasoma 19

Well when most of the FML's end with the OP getting screwed over by friends, family, or a lover "karma" is the most appropriate thing to say in such a case.

IndiRae 9

Not trying to sound like an asshole, but can people stop pulling random statistics out of their ass? It becomes really annoying. When 93.4% of people bitch about the stupidest shit.

SimoneDymond 3

Lmao good one! 89

omfgfmlife 0

why wait for a supernatural force to take action? they know where he lives so break his legs >:O

Alexisthebestest 16

83% of all statistics are made up.

knight0748 5

Actually, karma can't "get" anyone. Karma is the concept of cause and effect. It's not related to the idea of good and evil. Karma is not some divine power of retribution siding with you because the cashier short changed you.

saIty 17

Karma peed on my leg. Oh, forgot to mention that I have a dog named Karma.

If karma supposedly gets everyone, then karma got every single one of the posters of the fmls and they all deserved it.

What a lamo...

what's a lamo?

I think he/she meant lame-o. I'm not sure.

Some other comment explained it... Something about a llama-moron cross or similar.

sillyciara 6

Yikes.. dine n dashes are fun. As long as you remember to dash.

Don't worry pay the bill then later assembly the crew and beat his ass for the money