By rindawg - 20/01/2009 03:55 - United States

Today, my boyfriend took me out to a nice seafood dinner where we had some great crab legs. Later tonight we drove down to the beach and started messing around. He started touching me... with his hands still covered in salty crab juice. FML
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#3, the problem is that salt causes a woman's private area to itch and burn horribly ... pretty much the same thing happened to me once, only it involved hot sauce from Hooters wings....

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I know some other people have said it, but yeah be glad it wasn't hot sauce. That stuff even burns on guy's junk too.

Ugh, that would suck... I don't envy you.

How do you even get hot sauce on your crotch other than someone absentmindedly touching you after handling it? But yeah... I would have told him... No. That's kind of gross.

ever watch van wilder 2? that'll answer your question

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so let him eat it out? duh.