By threw my underwear out too - United States - Hyde Park
  Today, my girlfriend and I took a walk on the beach at night. We were completely alone, so she started blowing me. It was great for the first five minutes, but she had just eaten dinner and (apparently) wasn't feeling great. I ended the night in the shower picking vomit out of my pubes. FML
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  Seeya55  |  31

Yeah I don't know why he didn't either. He'd be walking home with wet pants either way. Except his way left him with clothes covered and smelling like vomit that he'd have sitting in his home until it was washed properly.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Oh, that’s the explanation?

It’s more likely that your dick tastes nasty! On nights I think there might be some action, I put a few boiled cabbage leaves down my pants. Haven’t had any complaints ... or second dates for that matter.

By  katluvr  |  22

Five whole minutes and neither of you had a clue that she didn't feel well? Was she somehow obligated to provide you with this service in return for a sub-standard meal, which may have led to her gastronomic expulsion? Or perhaps your personal hygiene is so lacking as to have elicited such a response. Another option is that you're an inconsiderate man who chose to hold her head and ignore her signals then blame her for blowing chunks and not you.

By  neuronerd  |  28

Gag reflexes are a thing. This can happen if either of you aren't aware of her limits. Just wash it off and take it as a lesson for the future. Also, this happened because she was focused on your pleasure, don't make her feel bad for it.