Scary times

By PickedOnByDamien - 02/10/2013 08:12 - United States - Holyoke

Today, my bully made me cry once again. It's been going on for weeks. I don't know who to turn to; I can't say anything because I'd get into even more trouble. He even stole my Nintendo 3DS and won't give it back. My bully is my girlfriend's son. He's 10. FML
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ASSERT YOURSELF. If you sit there and take it, it only makes it okay for this kid to do it to other people.

id reevaluate my life choices


id reevaluate my life choices

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Grow some balls, OP. He's 10 for ****'s sake... Just don't maim him

Or man up...

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I'd suggest a dose of "MAN THE FUCK UP". I mean, come on, dude. You legitimately cried over a 10-year-old? My Senior Drill Instructor from when I was in boot camp would have so much fun with you. lol.

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He's only 10. OP should tastefully discipline that kid

ASSERT YOURSELF. If you sit there and take it, it only makes it okay for this kid to do it to other people.

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Just fyi... Another term for it is "enabling" Oh and this is why you shouldn't date people who already have children... Unless your heart/wallet is big enough.

What?! You're an idiot. So simply because my mother had children meant my step-dad shouldn't have married her? That man made me into the person I am today. Just because someone has children doesn't restrict them from having a relationship, regardless of their partner's financial status or good-will. If I want to date or marry someone with children, that's my decision.

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Preach! #2 :) And op Assert yourself, you can't still get to know the child by setting rules, and talking to your gf about her child. Get your stuff back bro! Its no biggie, if you put the child in check, he will know you can't be run over. This reminds me off the movie are we there yet, with the mean & mischievous that the mother needs to teach manners, and obedience! Sorry for the speech, but get your life in check, your the adult and if you marry your gf that will become your child, so assert yourself now.

Damn, 19! I wouldn't date someone who had children because I don't like kids. But saying no one should date anyone with kids just because OP had the misfortune to wind up with a pint-sized asshole? That's cold, son.

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#19 you are a dumbass.

Whoop his ass, seabass.

And have his girlfriend potentially pan fry him? With the cops going "Little boy who hit you? Oh, he's not your daddy?...Well then." If it's your own kid, discipline them how you think best. When it's someone else's kid, you have to be careful.

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You're right, 25. My friend was dating a girl with a 2 year old daughter and they fought over how she needed to be disciplined. I'd always get caught in the middle of the argument an I'd have to take her side. It's her kid, she knows what's best for her. The last thing any guy should try to do is tell a mother how to raise her kid, or that she's been raising her wrong. That is unless you're the father. I'd personally never date a girl with a kid just because I'm so young, and I shouldn't have those responsibilities yet, unless I'm stupid enough to create a mini me myself, and god help us all on that day..

Oh man that sucks, talk to your GF! She'll set the kid straight

yeah, that'll get him some respect. The step dad who comes crying to mommy for help.

If I was a girl I would stay far away from OP. seriously how do you let a 10 year old bully you and make you cry?? Grown up man

CallMeMcFeelii 13

95, you're not a girl!? God damn it man! You gotta tell us shit like that! You don't even wanna know what I did while looking at your profile picture.. Or do you? Haha. I'm just kidding, man.

Uh no I doubt she will "set him straight"!! If a 10 year old is acting that way it's bc his parents let him. She is part of the reason he is a bully!

SilverWarrior 7

Stand the hell up for yourself. Seriously

Man up!! Wow. Or talk to your girlfriend about it..

Play CoD with him online, and when you're winning, say "I banged ur mom lol" Checkmate!

Oh my god this is genius

lonewolf658 6

First time that would be a true statement on that game

This is perfection.


NodakN8V 25

You need a strong dose of MAN THE FUCK UP

I would stand up to.him

ThatFancyPenn 18

You've obviously never been bullied before.

But the bully is 10

Easier said than done

32/64 - When you're a grown man and the bully is a ******* ten year old, there is no excuse for standing there and taking it. When the bully is bigger and/or older than you fine but OP's situation is just pathetic.