By idgit42 - 27/07/2010 22:15 - United States

Today, I didn't realize until I was home that I'd thrown my retainer away with my tray at Chick-fil-A. FML
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SirWhatsHisFace 0

What is this OP, a rap? The last part of the FML ryhmes.

I've been without braces for several years and I quit wearing my retainers like I was supposed to and my teeth are fine.


JJ1989 6

Ohhh that sucks! Haha!

the_flirtt 0

chick-fila FTW !!!

Shookitup 0

well you're going to be getting braces again, have fun :)

puppyloverpeace 1

those things r expensive!

the_flirtt 0

op will just get another retainer

Retainers are sexy.

Op needs a retainer to retain but cannot retain the retainer he needs a retainer retainer.

haha now you have to dig in the trash yay!!! :D

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pingpongpenguin 3

why would she need braces again? she just has to buy another one...

Zigma_fml 0

Did OP mean to rhyme that well?

Dude! iiBroke Miine!

the_flirtt 0

that's wat I said 29

pingpongpenguin 3

well you're a smart cookie 32

Mack7273 0

lol that sucks

JayColt 0

i love me some good old fried chicken


Not a FML OP...... at least you got Chick!

the_flirtt 0

captain u don't get a cookie !

Troll_Hater 0

why the fuck were you banned

the_flirtt 0

I've been waxing my chest.

Randaahh 0

damn you're pretty(:

Well on the bright side, at least you had Chick-fil-A! :)

the_flirtt 0

hah wow Selena that's f'd up

21: still funny hp

the_flirtt 0

hah I've always been a good boy but they would find dum reasons to ban me :(

the_flirtt 0

71 me ;}

the_flirtt 0

ya haters :)

jennagurl39 0

hey dude ur old

the_flirtt 0

if hatin is ur occupation you'll have a full time job with me :)

LightningLadyy 0

30, I noticed it too!

KiddNYC1O 20


Hazelfbabyyy 0


twinny_sc 13

My friend did that at Burger King, and she went and dug it out of the trash can. lol

FreshSalad 1

116 fo free?

that is what a shirt says at rue21

36- are you related to pingpongpickle by any chance?

I work for chickfila.

pingpongpenguin 3

pingpongpickle? who's that? :O captain I thought I was the evil one! p.s. the dog in that video is a PIMP.

yeah I'm confused too:/ I thought penguin was the evil one and pickle was the good one? sorry cap'n, but I have to disagree, I'm more into humans and I think pickle was the hotter one :P

KiddNYC1O 20

once again my comment doesn't show up, outstanding job mods

pingpongpenguin 3

aw I'm not a cute dog? :(

143- oh not at all ma'am. I must compliment you on your beautiful coat of fur and nice, cute ears:)

133- :O you ask who pingpongpickle is, but think your the evil ONE? i'm onto you...

KiddNYC1O 20

I like your new name, Selena. lol

pingpongpenguin 3

151 - oh shit... captain- do it and then post a video, please :)

op that sucks.. i mean u kinda deserve it 4 not keeping up with something like that

Brittaneyyy 0

ok creeper she's probably like 15 and ur like 30 eww I think shed rather use her mouth to dick out the trash and find it

the_flirtt 0

who's a creeper ?

176- I'm actually 15 and 11/12 :P and geez I was kidding, don't take it seriously.

pingpongpenguin 3

176 -whoa, who are you talking to.

yeah 176, who are you talking about? if it's about me, my 16th birthday is in September:/

pingpongpenguin 3

zeke!!! mine too!

mann the only person who knows of me pretty much now is kiddnyc. i miss when i was famous on here :(

are you turning 16 too? cause that would be weird lol.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Aha, I know of you very well Haley. :] ..Well, maybe not very well.

what does op stand for?

Haley I still rember you. Everybody who used to threadjack got banned.

188- I know you! dont worry, you're still famous :). you always comment on the intimacy fml's lol :P and you kinda look like my gf, which freaks me out cause you have a bf, who isn't me, so I think is she cheating on me? :O

Raleigh has anyone ever told you that you look like kid cudi?

191 - it means one pitiful (mofo)

Raleigh_bruh 7

Yeeep, Illmatic. People have told me I look like Kid Cudi, Usher, and Chris Tucker.. Usher, I don't think so much; but that's what Bianca thinks apparently. :|

pingpongpenguin 3

yes, I'll be 16

You dont look like Usher at all if you ask me. But you definitely look like kid cudi, especially that pic.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Aha, well yeh. I have those glasses that he always wears too.. Now I'm thinking I should have wore them for that pic. :/

Do it. See how many people you can fool.

pingpongpenguin 3

:( why are you mean to me captain? I haven't gotten the dog yet, btw.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Great, now you've got me listening to Kid Cudi lol. Yeh, I'll put a pic up with me wearing them probably later on tonight. I'm supposed to be working on my portfolio, but Fml is distracting me once again..

that sucks=(

pingpongpenguin 3

liar! I ate them.

Good kid cudi awesome. Especially his mixtapes.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Probably still at Chick Fil-A, Captain. :P And yah, Illmatic. Kid Cudi is one my favorite artists.

summerlesslove 0

that happend to my sister but she never found it....

pingpongpenguin 3

would you rather have panda express? I know how much you love it :)

you enjoyed the food at least right?

LexaDear 0

omgggg everyones back todayyyy. where has everyone been?!

Raleigh_bruh 7

Oh damn, Lexa's here. Time to leave again. :/

LexaDear 0


Raleigh_bruh 7


pingpongpenguin 3

lexa I live about 2 hours from tucson . and everyone has been here silly! goodnight people.

LexaDear 0

Fine, be mean to the girl who saved your life with bubble wrap >:(

LexaDear 0

I'm confused by you knew triple p. but I mean everyones back all of the sudden. hide and seek? i think i should have been informed earlier.

lmfao. fyl and ydi for not checking if you had it before tossing it out. ;D I never wear my retainer, and my teeth are still perfect. but that may be because I have a perm on on the back of my teethh. :D

woops srry !!! didnt mean 2 right thatt

LexaDear 0

I didn't even know I was it!

LexaDear 0

I forgive you, and maybe ill forgive Raleigh...

Mickay1232 0

what's chick-fil-A?

zinabie 0

#21 wins!! lol made me laugh

you're stupid. pay attention to what you're doing.

59 lol what? tmi you're hot so whatever

lucindo 0

what's chika-fila for us australains??

haha it does rhyme! but... sucks for you, those things are expensive!

quent10 0

that's what you get for finding the only one open on Sunday 0_o

chick fil a sucks lile that. i went to get a drink refill at lunch time and came back to an empty table. the cleaning guy threw my half eaten meal and magazine in the trash.

OP, I've done that too before. It sucks.

Well, atleast your FML rhymes :D

mydgmax 0

thanks for the warning I'm getting a retainer on thursday

Why does everyone have 0 up or down votes?

zebraface123 6

Chick-fil-A had that kind of effect on people.

Lol, sucks ta be you.

pingpongpenguin 3

aw fyl!! you're gona have to go back and dig for it, otherwise fork up $500 :)

the_flirtt 0

dog sex !!!

pingpongpenguin 3

I know aren't I?

the_flirtt 0

lol yes u are haha ;}

I like where this is going.

you could do it doggy style ( how long does it take to get unbanned cuz I got banned cuz I said this guy was being stupid and so I thought I got permanently banned but I checked back in today and I was unbanned

the_flirtt 0

105 u perv ;)

the_flirtt 0

get some Selena !!

the_flirtt 0

idk lol

that's a dog you retard

Actually i almost did this on several occasions back when I was a kid with braces. XD YDI but FYL. XD

wintamint101 7

and thats why you don't eat fast food

better go off urself. worst post ever.

roaraylay 0

chikfila was closed today...

SirWhatsHisFace 0

What is this OP, a rap? The last part of the FML ryhmes.

elijahisaboss 10

What does OP mean

Naw , its too wordy to be a verse ..

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puppyloverpeace 1


puppyloverpeace 1

y r all of the normal comments being moderated?

did the same thing a kfc

I've been without braces for several years and I quit wearing my retainers like I was supposed to and my teeth are fine.

19 has a point. I never wore my retainer. and my teeth and still straight.

rudegirlmania 10

y'all probably had your wisdom teeth out before you had braces, yea? or they never grew in? mine are coming in three years after braces and everything WAS fine...until they came and fucked shit up

my brother never wore his retainers, and they all spaced out and it looks like he ne'er got braces.

mycomment 0

wow op. nice one, way to go