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  zeke12345  |  0

yeah I'm confused too:/
I thought penguin was the evil one and pickle was the good one?
sorry cap'n, but I have to disagree, I'm more into humans and I think pickle was the hotter one :P

  zeke12345  |  0

188- I know you! dont worry, you're still famous :). you always comment on the intimacy fml's lol :P and you kinda look like my gf, which freaks me out cause you have a bf, who isn't me, so I think is she cheating on me? :O

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Great, now you've got me listening to Kid Cudi lol.
Yeh, I'll put a pic up with me wearing them probably later on tonight. I'm supposed to be working on my portfolio, but Fml is distracting me once again..

  fairyfay  |  0

lmfao. fyl and ydi for not checking if you had it before tossing it out. ;D
I never wear my retainer, and my teeth are still perfect. but that may be because I have a perm on on the back of my teethh. :D

  ladiesman14  |  0

chick fil a sucks lile that. i went to get a drink refill at lunch time and came back to an empty table. the cleaning guy threw my half eaten meal and magazine in the trash.

  120796gators  |  0

you could do it doggy style ( how long does it take to get unbanned cuz I got banned cuz I said this guy was being stupid and so I thought I got permanently banned but I checked back in today and I was unbanned

  rudegirlmania  |  10

y'all probably had your wisdom teeth out before you had braces, yea? or they never grew in? mine are coming in three years after braces and everything WAS fine...until they came and fucked shit up