By Matt - Canada
  Today, I took my date out for dinner to a seafood restaurant and she ordered expensive prawns. Later, when we had sex, she started to complain about her stomach hurting and then had diarrhea for hours. Great job prawns. FML
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  blankaex  |  0

Haha, this reminds me of a chess game I played with my friend a while ago. I killed one of his pawns and he exclaims "Ah!!! You ate my prawn!"

*Wipes tear from eye with forefinger and a smile* Gotta love the good ol' days.

On a side note, why did you mention the prawns were expensive, OP? Trying to show off how much money you have, hmm?

By  gumzy  |  6

omg how about if ur dick went up her ass after she went to the bathroom and u take ur dick out only to see pooh on it! ewww lool tht wud smell nd be slimy ! maybe even sexy for u haha! ;)