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Today, my boyfriend told me there was a tick on my shoulder and that he would remove it so I shouldn't worry. After about a half hour, lots of blood, and a ton of pain, he told me it was just a mole. FML
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how did he not know the difference between a mole and a tick? I mean ticks are small and a mole is pretty big and some are even hairless. apparently they have terrible eyesight as well, which is probably why it was found on your shoulder.

look At it this way at least you don't have that mole anymore

#16 I've seen a tick that was the size of a grape after it fed

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Going to the doctor because of a tick? Please, they'll laugh in your face, tell you to grow some balls (or ovaries) and kick you out faster then KaySL kicks me out of his house after he spikes my drink.

HAHAHA! You really think he kicks you out? Well, I guess you would have no way of knowing since you always pass out so quickly. I'll just let you go on believe that whole "KaySL kicks me out" thing. You'll sleep better at night not knowing the truth, I assure you.

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Well I'm going to leave my drink right see? Now I'm going to the bathroom for about an hour and not watch you do anything to my drink. :)

well, my comment quickly took a turn for te rape. lol

Even if it looked like a tick from far away, I don't see how it would take 30 minutes to figure it out. I would think once you got close that you would notice it wasn't a tick. Your boyfriend isn't very clever is he?

a tiny spider that apparently looks like a mole.

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That's a blood situation /: This looks like a job for!!!..........................................................................Bloody Mary!

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no op is retarded how does someone not know their own body?! you think she would of known it was a mole on her shoulder, or wherever.

He has no diagnosed mental illness preventing him from functioning in society on his own He might wanna talk to his doctor about It though XD

alicec123 0 might be in a place she can't see close to the armpit...

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aye,um dont be negative to poster 6. they were justing stating their opinion..just like everyone else.k?kay.thanks:D

That is sooo freaking dangerous, not to mention stupid!

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I'm sure squirrels do hurt when they're gnawing on your boner...

When did the OP say there was no pain? I read "a ton of pain".