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Today, a customer complained that his earphones stopped properly functioning even though he bought them less than a month ago. After checking them, I realised that there was so much earwax caked into them that it affected the sound quality. FML
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Hi everyone, OP here ! Made an account just to follow up. 1) No, sadly he didn't suspect a thing and didn't bother taking a close look at his earphones. 2) It was awkward indeed. Very, very awkward. He was nice though, he apologised and immediately left. Hopefully he'll check his earphones next time. And thank you for commenting on my username haha !

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AviKerensky 17

Despite the fact that Q-tips are not recommended for cleaning ears, you might suggest it to him, anyway.

Have fun explaining that one to him


Have fun explaining that one to him

I've read every comment so far, and no one else has wondered how he managed to spread so much ear wax that it messed up the head phones in only a months time. That's only a month guys. A month.

MakeItStopWtf 12

@29 Some people have over active earwax production. My sister does and if she doesn't clean out her ears with hydrogen peroxide at least twice a year, she goes deaf. They didn't realize that until she was twelve and went deaf for some time, she can read lips really good now though.

jairienfaite 20

I am the same. It was found earlier but yeah, I do need to take care of my ears a lot. It is no excuses for the customer tho. That customer is still a slob. Sorry for you op.

29, I agree, but next time, start your own thread.

JodogX13 13

Candle wax & ear wax are two different things, dude. Nice try though.

crackajak 15

That haircut, nice try though.

66 is rocking that haircut. Your hair is boring, 75.

AviKerensky 17

Despite the fact that Q-tips are not recommended for cleaning ears, you might suggest it to him, anyway.

What?! Cleaning my ears is the only reason I buy Q-tips! -Is my whole life a lie?

#16 q-tips are good for cleaning the outside part of your ear, but not for cleaning out earwax from the inside, because it mostly packs it in farther instead of cleaning it out.

Not if you do it right. Mine are always clean for doctors and whatnot just from using them. Just need to twist them as you push them in/out.

Ava_Darkflame 26

how in the heck would a bobby pin help

ChristianH39 30

A bobby pin sounds like a great day to end up in the hospital with a perforated ear drum

sonasonic 34

Horray for more medical bills, #43!

Merylwen 24

If you're careful, a bobby pin can actually be useful because of the loop. If you're clumsy, it's just a bad idea.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

@ 23,exactly what happened to me about a week ago.I went completely deaf in that eat for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

Dreamsorrow93 24
crackajak 15

How do you even pronounce nasty with so many S's? Slither like a slothy scrumptious snake in the southwest Sierra? Nasssssssty

leogachi 15

God damn. Nice alliteration.

Dreamsorrow93 24

It was a Cleveland reference from family guy.

christinamarie17 29

At that point he needs a doctor. And to reevaluate every life he's ever made.

christinamarie17 29

*life choice. Sorry bad proof reading on my part.

He needs to reevaluate his entire life choices because he has a lot of ear wax?

you don't need a doctor for a buildup of wax. just a box of q tips and some time

MakeItStopWtf 12

@25, That's a bad idea. Q-tips would only pack it in more. The proper way to clean them out is to use a baby snot sucker thing and put 2/3 hydrogen peroxide and 1/3 lukewarm water into your ear (too cold or too hot will make you dizzy), and wait until you stop hearing crackling. Then tilt your head sideways and let the goo drain out. Repeat if needed.

With all the earwax effecting his hearing, probably not.

People with unusual ear canals can actually be injured or hurt by using Q tips. You have to use liquids to clean your ears, and if not bad build up like this happens.

amileah13 26

Eeewwwwwww! No wonder he couldn't hear very well!

CyberSeeker 20