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  goshpeople  |  4

Just an FML in the sense that she's apparently never before looked pretty to her boyfriend. I'm sure the OP is fixated on that fact rather than on the fact that she's looking good today.

  blackfirekxk  |  0

dude... or dudet, he dose not think she is pretty, you don't tell a girl that. its not the fact she is pertty thats FML, its the fact he said its the first time she dose look pertty.

  megan_702  |  0

people date people that are ugly, are you saying ugly people don't get married and don't date? there are other qualities in a person beside their looks, which you fail to realize

  DudeImBetter  |  0

I agree with 48 there are other qualities like what cloths they wear, what cars they drive, what amount of money do they make a year, and how sexy they are, just to name a few. oh and I guess their personality but that's not as important.

  OhMeShell  |  3

Yeahhh, I'm not by any means saying that OP isn't ugly, 'cause it's very possible... But I sincerely doubt that this "boyfriend" would be dating OP if he actually thought she had NEVER looked pretty before. He has to have some sort of attraction to her.
Maybe I'm wrong though. He could just have really low standards and not care at ALL what his significant other looks like. Which I guess is good, until he says something like that^ (see FML).

  luna4545  |  4

I don't think she is saying that ugly people don't get loving and different people are attracted to different qualities...I think 30 was more trying to say that people usually dont date someone who they are physically attracted to..speaking from experience tho it is possible to become physically attracted to someone after becoming mentally attracted to them but most relationships don't last very long if both parties aren't both physically and mentally attracted.


well maybe it's just the first time he thought you looked pretty but it's not a bad thing he could have thought you looked beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, adorable all the other times.

  imacreeper  |  3

there are other qualities in a person other than looks, and a big percentage of that is personality. but come on, we all know you wouldn't date someone drop dead ugly. personality matters most though, an if you're willing to date someone so hideous then I applaud you - even though it's easier to say something then actually do it.

  ViciousFoxes  |  0

Either he is a huge dick and doesn't have any respect or appreciation for you, or you are not trying hard enough to look amazing for him on a daily basis. Lots of women let themselves go immediately upon getting a boyfriend, and that's just so wrong.