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Today, my boyfriend told me I looked pretty. I said, "Aww, that's the first time you've said that to me." He replied, "Well, it's the first time you've looked pretty." FML
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4;because he said it was the FIRST time op looked pretty.

I'm not retarded. But it just means that she finally got a look that works.

Just an FML in the sense that she's apparently never before looked pretty to her boyfriend. I'm sure the OP is fixated on that fact rather than on the fact that she's looking good today.

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dude... or dudet, he dose not think she is pretty, you don't tell a girl that. its not the fact she is pertty thats FML, its the fact he said its the first time she dose look pertty.

He wouldn't be dating her if he thought she was ugly, use your common sense. This shouldn't even be a ******* FML; it should be a whiny diary entry.

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30 are you saying that no one dates because it's easy access or just out of boredom? If so are you interested in a mustache ride?

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people date people that are ugly, are you saying ugly people don't get married and don't date? there are other qualities in a person beside their looks, which you fail to realize

If you're so ugly, be glad you actually have a boyfriend.

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OP there is something called joke. Have you ever heard of it? look it up in the dictionary.

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I agree with 48 there are other qualities like what cloths they wear, what cars they drive, what amount of money do they make a year, and how sexy they are, just to name a few. oh and I guess their personality but that's not as important.

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I think all people are beautiful in some way or another :)

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Of course because beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Yeahhh, I'm not by any means saying that OP isn't ugly, 'cause it's very possible... But I sincerely doubt that this "boyfriend" would be dating OP if he actually thought she had NEVER looked pretty before. He has to have some sort of attraction to her. Maybe I'm wrong though. He could just have really low standards and not care at ALL what his significant other looks like. Which I guess is good, until he says something like that^ (see FML).

I don't think she is saying that ugly people don't get loving and different people are attracted to different qualities...I think 30 was more trying to say that people usually dont date someone who they are physically attracted to..speaking from experience tho it is possible to become physically attracted to someone after becoming mentally attracted to them but most relationships don't last very long if both parties aren't both physically and mentally attracted.

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maybe she is ugly.. but just really dtf

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well maybe it's just the first time he thought you looked pretty but it's not a bad thing he could have thought you looked beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, adorable all the other times.

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And its the last time he'll ever put his punanny in your vajayjay that's what I'd tell him! What a dick he doesn't deserve your pretty anything

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there are other qualities in a person other than looks, and a big percentage of that is personality. but come on, we all know you wouldn't date someone drop dead ugly. personality matters most though, an if you're willing to date someone so hideous then I applaud you - even though it's easier to say something then actually do it.

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When you get a compliment it's best to just thank them and shut up. :)

I was taught to never tell a lie, I don't know about you people though.

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There's a thin line between honesty and insulting. People always take my criticism as insults :(

aww... a girl should always be pretty! that's what my mom tells me cause she feels bad that I'm not... LOL jokes.

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176 and similar posts: that's what ugly people say.

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Either he is a huge dick and doesn't have any respect or appreciation for you, or you are not trying hard enough to look amazing for him on a daily basis. Lots of women let themselves go immediately upon getting a boyfriend, and that's just so wrong.

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192 your a dick. I think 176 is cute

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something in your picture is distracting me from your comment

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women say honesty is important the get all upset when you're honest

HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA. and btw i was jking with that 1st comment, srry

I'd be pissed if my boyfriend told ms that, but I guess honesty is the best policy.

well it's still a compliment, you really shouldn't get mad about it!

well hey, he must see something else in her if he isn't dating her for looks. to me, there's two sides to this.

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How did you know I have to go poop?!!?

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maybe cuz you look like your trying too hard in that pic^

Haha surely this isn't a dumping matter?

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120 - I'll show you hard >.< 8=======D lol

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good thing you're already in the bathroom! but you may need more toilet paper. it appears as if you're almost out.

Well I don't think he would be dating you if he didn't like you. Sounds like he was just joking.

No I highly doubt that. If that's the case then op's boyfriend doesn't need op. There are plenty of strippers out there.

He's probably like, "Whaddi do? Whaddi do?"

43, you're right... But how many free strippers or prostitutes do you know of?

Lol good point 54 but who said op was free? iicaptain gots the hook up with the hooker :)

That's what you think... really, she was just overcharging you this whole time.

If you guys are are looking for a free strippers I hear Bonerz and KingDingALing are free.

88, I have way more class than that. Btw, I think OPs boyfriend likes her, just not as a gf maybe?

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psssst.... it's spelled "break":)

Make sure to break up on the freeway doing 80.

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hahahahaha retard for spelling break wrong :P

Why would you break up with him for that? Sure, it was mean and uncalled for, but that's no reason to break up with someone, unless you're highly immature.

so I'm guessing that you are pretty...pretty ugly

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Says the guy with the picture of wood as a profile picture.

Says the girl that looks like a drug addict