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Today, my 808 area code phone number has yet again been mistaken for a 1-800 number. I've been getting phone calls at three in the morning from people on the east coast who are trying to return their shoes. They want to speak to my supervisor because I "don't sound professional enough." FML
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Hello! OP here! Nice little surprise when I woke up this morning! This happened to me about two months ago and my husband thought the situation was funny enough to post. I keep my phone on because my husband's 90-year-old grandmother lives in the same community as us and he's the first person she calls in case of emergencies. When he's off island on business trips, that responsibility falls on me. Since I'm a really heavy sleeper, I leave the ringer on pretty loud. And yes, I know there's a do not disturb function on my iPhone, but I never used it cause I've never gotten a phone call at such odd hours. I didn't check the number when I answered the first time cause I was already in a mad rush to wake up and find my phone without my glasses and freak out that something might've happened to grandma while my husbands away. I was pretty groggy when I answered and I guess the lady didn't appreciate the fact I kept saying "huh?" and "what?". She thought I was sleeping on the job or playing a prank on her and wanted to talk to my supervisor. I told her it was three in the morning and that she had dialed a Hawaiian residential number. There was a long pause and she just hung up. My phone rang a minute later from the same number, but it was a man this time. I told him the same thing and he gave me a half-assed apology and hung up. This happened for the next two nights (also rang during the day) and I found out from one of the calls that the shoe company had actually misprinted their 1-800 number on their packing slip (it was printed 1-808-XXX-XXXX). So I did start using the do not disturb function on my phone and I even changed my voice mail to tell people that this isn't the number they're trying to reach. However, some of them didn't even bother listening to my message and started leaving me voice mails. They were pretty funny. The shoe company specialized in plus-sized shoes for women, but I don't think they were very good. One lady got two left shoes and another was threatening to sue if she didn't get her refund. I already had to change my number back in December (a Samoan family somehow got my number and kept calling and intimidating me cause I apparently got beaten up by their son/brother/nephew/grandson and "it would be wise if you kept your mouth shut") and I was going to be charged $36 for a new number and I didn't want to deal with updating everyone my new number again. What I did end up doing was every time someone called, I'd start trolling them. Some highlights were Teniqua, angry black lady who was wondering why some woman is calling her baby daddy; Sugar **** Mandy, phone sex hotline; Rainbow Waterfall, hippie doomsday and conspiracy preacher; and my husband's, Dick Johnson, Swinging Salami Inc., every order gets you a free complimentary *****! The calls stopped coming about a week after we started trolling with a few stragglers here and there. Probably from people who dialed an 8 instead of a 0. We assumed either the shoe company finally fixed the mistake, changed their phone number, or went out of business. Happy to say I got my number back!

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Is this the shoe store? NO THIS IS PATRICK!!!

"Wrong number" *hang up* Problem solved!


"Wrong number" *hang up* Problem solved!

Also annoying to be woken up at 3 am, especially if OP has to work in the morning.

Change the ring tone (The one caller will hear while your phone rings) to a message: "This is not a shoe store"

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#57, you mean the voice mail, right?

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65: No, some people have the option to change the ring that some people hear while calling them. It may be a song or a funky ring that's unique to the person being called. It's called a ringback tone. Not all carriers have that option.

65, 69, & 72 I believe y'all are referring to a ringback tone!

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69, hm, I've actually never heard of that. That sounds like it'd be really cool to have though. I guess I've been using the wrong service companies for my phone.

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Does your number have the last seven digits as 867-5309?

#87 wins the comment battle for this fml.

Why don't you leave your phone on silent?

Is this the shoe store? NO THIS IS PATRICK!!!

Why are you even answering anything at 0300? No way in hell I'd wake up to deal with people asking about a return policy on a stupid shoe

I agree. I'd put my phone on silent, or off, during the night if this was happening to me.

Same here... could modify the voice mail greeting. "you have reached my phone blah blah blah If you're calling a bout shoes go F yourself and remember to put 1 before the 800" lol

I always keep my phone on just in case of emergency calls. If someone is calling me a 3AM? ... That means there's something tragic happening. (Sadly, I've gotten those type of calls) Plus my phone is my alarm clock. Can't shut it off for that purpose.

The iPhone has a sleep mode where all of your calls are automatically silenced, so you can have it on for your alarm, but won't be woken up by calls/texts. And you can add individual people whose calls are allowed to bypass the Silent setting in case they'd be calling you in an emergency. I don't know about Windows or Android-based phones but they must have similar options. Your sleep shouldn't be interrupted every night by your phone, especially for something stupid like poor OP is getting.

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I agree #50 I'd like to pretend life stops when I go to sleep but sadly things can go wrong at any time. I have an app though that will silence calls and other notifications, but still till let your alarm go off. You can also set exceptions so your phone will ring if certain people try and call, such as family. I love it.

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If anyone has the name to those apps that would be appreciated!! I have an android but no silent feature that allows certain calls

#56, If you have an android smartphone, it's built right into the phone. Go to system settings, Sound, and then Quiet Time. Enable it, and go through all the options as for what times/what days of the week. I have to use it during finals week, otherwise I'm a total, distracted mess. :/

"Hi, you've reached the XXX **** hotline. Please choose one of the following: 1) Gay, 2) Fetish, 3) Straight, 4) Transsexual, 5) Thunder Beads Galore, 6) ***********, 7) Midgets, 8) Surprise! Butt-Sex! Also, keep in mind you'll be charged $20 a min for having stayed on this call for the current duration.

On newer Androids it's called blocking mode. Can set it so alarms and calls from set contacts come though, nothing else. It's there under some name on most devices people will still own, unless your phone make has customised that option out I suppose. Probably apps that can do it too.

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Is no one else thinking his phone may be a landline? I Just assumed it was a landline and maybe that's why he couldn't turn it off or put it on silent. However it could be a cell. And if it is a landline having an answering machine with a message sounds like a good solution however he will still have to listen to it ring, unfortunately.

They will probably hit redial. People really are idiots.

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that sounds frustrating. i know i wouldn't sound professional if someone dared to disturb my precious sleep. not that you needed to do so anyway.

I think that she should tell anybody that calls her that the store is closed.FOREVER.I think that should solve her problems.

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You can't block the area code though.

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if its a cell phone there's many apps to block phone numbers,I've never had to on a landline before though.

You can't block your phone from receiving any one who is mistaking your # for a shoe store... "Ring ring* phone detects unwanted shoe store caller... automatic blocking sequence activated." NO... You would have to manually have to block every number that had ever miss dialed and called you by mistake

But if the area code is the only difference between his number and the shoe place, he could get a new number and hope that there isn't a 1800 number that is similar to the new number

@ #24 Actually you can change your area code on your cell phone. My sister in law lives in Colorado and has a California area code and number now

36- Oh, suuuuure. Hope and happy thoughts are reeeeeally effective against getting wrong numbers at 3 in the morning or any other misfortunes, for that matter. Do they have pixie dust on eBay? Maybe I'll find a unicorn that ***** ice cream while I'm browsing. Seriously, since the problem is the 808 area code, you can ask the phone provider to have it changed.

Why are you answering unknown numbers at three in the morning unless you are in a on-call position?

turn off ringer, or put it in another room with the ringer off.

Everyone is an on-call position. What if one of your parents/siblings died 3 in the morning or are in dire help?

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Why don't you turn your phone off at bedtime?

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maybe because it could be a landline or the cellphone can on for emergencies.

I have a phone that you can program to go silent between certain hours. It's a wireless phone with 4 handsets that can all be programmed separately. So the bedroom phone never has to ring again if you want.

I have a land line and in our neighbourhood we tend to call each other when there's an emergency. I understand OP's reluctance to just ignore calls in the middle of the night.

I live in Hawaii too. I get calls from all kind of people from the East coast, like credit card companies or political action committees asking for donations.Just turn your phone off when you go to bed.

I used to get calls all the time from people looking for either the recycling center or a gentleman's club, both places shared almost identical numbers with mine. Sucks

Yeah, we used to have a number one digit off from a nearby pizza place, so we constantly got calls from people trying to order pizza. It gets old really fast.

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I used to have the same issue with my local pizza place. I was 2226, they were 2266. I just started taking orders like I was the actual pizza place until they paid me to change my number.