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Today, my boyfriend told me I'm beautiful. Before I could thank him, he continued, "Too bad it takes a shit-load of makeup." FML
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Whoa! You don't have to put up with an arsehole like that. Next time look at his crotch. And squint.

When you got it, you got it. When you don't, you're you.


When you got it, you got it. When you don't, you're you.

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#1 that is a purely suggestive comment. And I'm personally disgusted with the 28 people who up voted you. Good to know we are an intelligent society with the brains to know that fifty years from know we will be looking to an intellect and not the looks from high school.

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he was clearly kiddin.. but anyone who says beauty is skin deep is lieing!... yes it matters to be a good person and be funny etc..but you cant have a relationship with someone you arent attracted to... or you would just be friends!!!

this doesn't excuse her bf though. ..hes clearly a tool!

46 has a good point, if there's no sexual attraction the relationship probably won't work, let's be honest. Side note here, maybe the boyfriend was just trying to say she wears too much make up. I know I've said "you're beautiful so stop wearing so much makeup" to a woman before, and she somehow heard "you're only beautiful because you wear so much makeup." Women get insanely touchy about this subject and rationality goes straight out the window.

What a dick. You deserve somebody who appreciates your natural beauty OP.

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I wear make up (not 10 pounds of it, just eye makeup and lip gloss) because without it, I look like an extra on The Walking Dead. I'm probably gonna have a guy say this to me one day...

^You look like an extra on the walking dead. * walks out*

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Your boyfriend sounds like a complete asshole.

I thought it was funny. I find myself thinking this a lot of times. Someone's got to say it. Maybe not to your gf but OP should probably take the hint and lay off the make up for a bit. Maybe your bf doesn't like all that crap. Or he's just a douche. A funny douche.

Crappy thing to say but then again, what other women does he see without make-up? I'd love to have a day where every woman went out without wearing a smidge of make-up/padded bras/hair extensions/fake eyelashes and see the general male reaction. I wonder how many would just break down and cry...

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all of them... *hids behind a rock*

Whoa! You don't have to put up with an arsehole like that. Next time look at his crotch. And squint.

Or dump him to begin with. Men who don't appreciate natural beauty are truly the worse in my opinion. They go for an idea, an image, instead of the person who is in front of them. What happens if the girl comes out of the shower or just woke up? That makeup won't last. To be fair though, some girls are guilty too, especially those that cake layers on their face and would spend an hour to do makeup just so they go shop at WalMart for 10 minutes. I hate society these days, that which defines beauty as an hourglass figure or caked makeup. People should appreciate that there are preferences, and there are interests, and everyone has their own. These things should be done with virtue, not conforming to what Cosmo/GQ says... End rant.

Well played... Now we must magnify the solution.

#15, I'm going to clone your brain and implant it into the skulls of millions....

I read that in Armstrong and Miller raf pilots voices :P

wow that's extremely insensitive. you deserve someone who thinks you're beautiful whether or not you have makeup on.

Backhanded complements suck. He was doing good but he just had to keep talking.

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I agree with #4 works like a charm!

"You're a great boyfriend...too bad it's only when you keep your moronic mouth shut."

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I agree with #11. You could also always say something along the lines of "And you're actually pretty good in bed for someone who has such a small penis"

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17: What if he has a big dick?

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69: Just tell him he has a small one anyway.