By ruvru - 10/04/2009 17:13 - United States

Today, while lying next to me, my boyfriend smiled and told me, "I really like your eyes. They're pretty." He paused and then finished with, "They really help your face." FML
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LOL he needs to learn when to stop talking XD

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compliment fail.


ur boyfriend sucks!

and you swallow

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compliment fail.

LOL he needs to learn when to stop talking XD

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ROFL WAFFLE! at least he didn't say, "I really like your head, its small and cute" "it really helps your body" look at the bright side =D

u can always change ur body though

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This isnt much of an fml ? but the one in front of yours is ;D

He was just trying to be nice, give him a break man.

Wow. If he would have just stopped talking, that would have been nice. Sigh.

What a charmer :)