Why would you go and do a thing like that?

By anonymous - 25/05/2011 14:33 - Singapore

Today, I inexplicably claimed ownership of someone else's fart in the subway. FML
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That means you have to follow through, follow them and watch them take a shit and then jump out and say "THAT'S MY SHIT."


Take pride in you farts! Even if they aren't really yours...

That's actually very good karma; who knows, someone might just might claim your fart when you need it most!

If you can claim to own it, you can also sell it. That's why they invented EBay OP, just put it in a ziplock and ship it off.

op doesnt give a **** bout what people think lol

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I love the way this FmL is worded!

By claiming it you probably got some open seats beside you so looks like a win.

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And not a single **** was given that day.

85, this actually was from the play version of Harvey. :p

i agree with 72 :). let ppl think wat they wanna think. its their ass in the long run.

Unless OP claims ownership of that too!

wait, the sandwhich Subway or the train Subway? oh no wait. that's weird no matter where it is.

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he said in THE subway so I think he's talkin about the train subway

Unless, of course, there's only one (sandwich) Subway in all of Singapore.

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I doubt it subway just passed McDonalds for the most fast food restaurants in the world

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or two hobos were fighting over a subway sandwich and he thought that claiming the fart on the subway would prove ownership of the sandwich. What? It could happen!

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if it was the fast food restaurant it would have been a capitalized "S".

Just like the first letter in the beginning of your sentence.

Because he/she can and if you're not okay with it... umm... euhh... hmm... something bad is going to happen.

haha " silly " u don't hear that very often :)

silly is such an awesome word it makes me want smack someone over the head and say; "aww u silly Billy" :)

op worded This perfectly. I was in the post office yesterday and a chick in front of me was very musty. every time we took a step forward i stepped into the smell x_x reminds me of it