By absentminded - 11/03/2009 18:07 - United States

Today, I went to online to find out why my midterm grade is for my least favorite class Psychology. After weeks upon weeks of studying and doing work for a class I hate I found out that I have a zero in the class. Turns out I've been going to the wrong psychology class all semester. FML
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I don't even know where to begin...

Ummm really? I find this a tiny bit hard to believe... the professor of the class you were going to never once, not even on the first day, took attendance?


I don't even know where to begin...

This is very likely fake. Most college courses have some sort of a class roster that they verify when tests are being taken (to ensure students don't send their more knowledgeable friend to take the test for them, or anything like that). Also, wouldn't you have logged in to check your grades at some point before that and caught on? Not to mention some sort of notification emails or at least letters from the school telling you to get your shit together... If this is true, then OP you are truly an idiot.

I do...this person needs an English class

Then don't wait so long to check it grades

Ummm really? I find this a tiny bit hard to believe... the professor of the class you were going to never once, not even on the first day, took attendance?

I was gonna say that...

Not once has a professor taken attendance in my school.

It's college not high school idiot

Teachers have taken attendance at my college, chill out.

There are some really big colleges/universities with massive lecture halls, where the professors just hold their lecture and either people attend or they don't. It would just take too long to take the attendance.

lmao wouldnt u have known or suttin all i have to say is damn ur kinda not to bright XD

*you *something *your *too. who's the not too bright one?

131: *who *gives *a *Fuck

131 - you're not your

i'm going to say this is fake. :) your prof had to have taken attendance sometime during the semester and if this is true... LMFAO. idiot.

Hmmmm.....looks like you failed English as well psych this year. ZING!

Like everyone else, I find this hard to believe. And if it is true, you don't deserve to even be in college.

might be true, especially in big university with big number of students.. all my freshman and some sophomore classes did not have attendance due to the big number of students. anyway, if it's only midterm, they usually allow student to drop the class with incomplete grade.. so good luck to you!

#2 & 4 In the university here, some classes are 300+ making it pretty difficult to do attendance. The majority of profs don't bother. But to the OP, you deserved it. Should have checked over your schedule.

Why did this college let you in to begin with?

Why is it hard to believe that a professor didn't take attendance. I'm in a psychology class that has 100+ students and our professor has never done anything to take attendance. Of course, they might have noticed a trend of having one more test to grade than there were grades to be entered...