By Koubz - 19/04/2010 12:07 - Egypt

Today, I felt the urge to sneeze, so out of instinct I looked away from the computer and sneezed to my left. The rotating fan was blowing at my direction at that moment, so I just sneezed on my own face. FML
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Koubz tells us more.

Guys, I only posted this to make people laugh. My life does not suck, nor did that ruin my day at all. Anyway i have allergies, and it was like 35 degrees celsius that day. I DID have tissues on my desk (I think) but by instinct, when i don't have tissues i sneeze away from whoever i'm talking to (usually towards the ground or the opposite way)

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fan was a meter away from me, highest power, only part of my sneeze got reflected back into my face.


JD_88 0

Should have put your hand over your nose

in Soviet Russia, joke stop using you!

Averizzle 0

in Soviet Russia you actually have a sac.

In Soviet Russia they have no sense of humor and these are the funniest jokes they can come up with. Quit picking on them, it's like making fun of the mentally impaired, sure it's funny but they can't really fight back so it's not fair.

Oh_Hayy_Its_Lex 10

Eeeeeew. YDI for not using a tissue. Also, why would you have a fan on if you have a cold...?

I hope ur mouth was closed. If not i bet that tasted delicious

sneeze inside your shirt next time! ydi

Tasanasanta 0

Why would you have a tissue on hand just in case you sneezed?

in soviet Russia, everytime someone sneezes, government sneezes back on you.

wat so u dnt have a tissue in ur house?

This is why you use a tissue, or your hand (which you can then wash or wipe down with a tissue), or the inside of your elbow or something. I'm tempted by YDI for not thinking about where you sneezed.

It was in her house why would she spend time trying to figure how where to sneeze?

Omg I sneezed on my face... my life is over

The human sneezse at 400 km/h or more... so unless your fan goes at least at 100 km/h (air resistance overestimated for the sake of argument) then you're a big fat liar. next!