By Anonymous - 23/02/2013 18:27 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, after months of a very healthy sex life with my boyfriend, he asked me to let him try anal. I'm dead-set against it, so I tried to let him down easy by jokingly saying that I would, but only if he let me try it on him first. He said, "Sure." Fuck. FML
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I was going to make a joke, butt **** it.

amanda_smith54 4

You should have just been honest and told him you didn't want to Haha


amanda_smith54 4

You should have just been honest and told him you didn't want to Haha

Butt maybe she didn't want to hurt his feelings?

I don't think Perdix would take no as an answer...

I like how Perdix was in the user name. He has a reputation, being sarcastic and putting people in their places.

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Don't try it until you cleanse your insides thoroughly.

It's pretty easy to be clean. But you have to really be in a certain mood to enjoy anal (if you're female - no prostate to play with), because it takes a LOT of being relaxed. I've never had to deal with anything gross. Your rectum isn't that dirty, unless you are literally about to poop. If you want to be extra-clean, an enema works, though some can be irritating and cause cramps. But putting some distilled water up there can help clean you out a bit. And don't go from ass to vag. Or ass to mouth. Bad idea. Also: condoms, if you're still squeamish. And lots of lube. Baby wipes are handy, too.

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That was way more info then I thought I would read tonight on FML.

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Or maybe just take a shower with your partner before the action? It works as well.

I was going to post a legitimate comment, but then I saw your username and my mind went blank. Good stuff

What is it? The new app only lets me see "think im dating."

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#26 -- if I turn my phone sideways I can see the whole name. Now, go try it out!

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You have been waiting for the perfect FML to drop that bomb. Patience pays off my friend.

You could probably find a better pic for it but its still funny as hell.

Maybe that's what he wanted all along?

Yea either you're going to catch him posing in the mirror in your clothes with his shit tucked in or he's very open minded.

33 - Being male and enjoying anal sex does not make you inclined to crossdress, nor does it make you gay. You somehow managed to be homophobic AND misogynistic in one comment. *slow clap*

Actually, you're on to something! Most men who want to give anal also like to receive it as well. But they rarely admit that.

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If he is game you should at least be open to experimentation

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9- if I'm game, are YOU into experimentation? I'd love to shove things in your ass.

He's gonna love it! Lube, relax, more lube- best orgasms ever for both of you! Go for it OP, it's good to experiment and be open to new variations!