By Anonymous - Denmark - Copenhagen
  Today, after months of a very healthy sex life with my boyfriend, he asked me to let him try anal. I'm dead-set against it, so I tried to let him down easy by jokingly saying that I would, but only if he let me try it on him first. He said, "Sure." Fuck. FML
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  Sputnikspak  |  13

It's pretty easy to be clean. But you have to really be in a certain mood to enjoy anal (if you're female - no prostate to play with), because it takes a LOT of being relaxed. I've never had to deal with anything gross. Your rectum isn't that dirty, unless you are literally about to poop. If you want to be extra-clean, an enema works, though some can be irritating and cause cramps. But putting some distilled water up there can help clean you out a bit. And don't go from ass to vag. Or ass to mouth. Bad idea.

Also: condoms, if you're still squeamish. And lots of lube.

Baby wipes are handy, too.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

33 - Being male and enjoying anal sex does not make you inclined to crossdress, nor does it make you gay.

You somehow managed to be homophobic AND misogynistic in one comment. *slow clap*