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Today, my boyfriend thought it was a good show of etiquette to answer a text message from his ex, while he was still inside me. FML
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BF: Oh, hold your ****** a second, babe. OP: Why? BF: *Texts* I sent that bitch a smiley face. Bitches love smiley faces.

Texting during sex is never classy, folks.


Dont be a grammer nazi if you dont know how to spell it either. It just makes you look dumb.

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Oh thank you! This thread was great I love stupid people. :D

18- You know what else makes you look dumb? Being a hypocritical idiot

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People who take their own picture in mirrors are complete morons too!

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Ah yes but we are sexy morons ;)

u have a Barbie pic for ur profile...

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yes but that picture is funny.

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Edickette is he proper spelling for this situation.

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Fail. 1 and 18 fail at spelling..

I know this is random but I absolutely love blood on the dance floor to!

Exactly, such an idiot. Have some respect and stop bothering him with trivial things such as sex when he's in the middle of a text!

#2- I read this in Hermione Granger's voice.

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He gives new meaning to the word dick.

Then I hope you got him the hell out of ya

FML? More like F me and the put the phone down ahole!

Texting during sex is never classy, folks.

No kidding.. someone could get rear ended that way. *serious face*

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How about sexting during.. Tex? Eh, I tried.

76 - No matter what the fat white kid says, I still found that funny.

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It's also good etiquette to dump his ass, show him that.

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Lmao @ your pic. Stupid Yahoo questions amuse me.

Why would u dump someone beacuse they texted during sex? That's not a big enough reason

Because he was texting his EX while having sex... That's just wrong on all levels.

BF: Oh, hold your ****** a second, babe. OP: Why? BF: *Texts* I sent that bitch a smiley face. Bitches love smiley faces.

Perform better? So he won't think of his phone?

A good partner wouldn't started texting no matter how good the performance was

Be a respectful audience; don't text during a movie, don't text during a concert, and don't text during sex.

29, What can you do for.. *takes objects out of pocket* £2.40, half pack of gum and an elastic band?

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And I'll throw in a penguin, for free, if I'm in too. Bitches love penguins

Hold on let me see what I've got... I'll throw in $2.35, a coupon for some frosted flakes, and a receipt.

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I have only me :( but I think if I do some digging I got like 9 packs of gum.

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No, to many people. Ditch all of them and a foursome with me, you, and two of my best mating penguins. You know you want to.

... How did you confront him? Just curious.

/ nice lol. Either that or she checked into facebook...

She must have not taken the tracking device out of his dick and knew he was up to something.

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Should have tried to work up a three way. You only needed one more.