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Today, the person I've been sharing my most intimate feelings with finally got bored and let me know I've been texting the wrong number for weeks. FML
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You share your most intimate feelings over text?

I'd rather tell a stranger my problems. They know nothing of me, or any of my friends so they can't blab to anyone.


You share your most intimate feelings over text?

What better way to confess you love someone than through texting.

And OP continued to text "stranger" after never getting a response? Sounds like YDI my friend

Maybe he played along with it???

Yeah cuz everyone does that

It's easier talking to someone over text. It's less awkward.

But wouldn't it be a bit odd to talk to them in real life and them not knowing anything?

What's the point of having a complete stranger pour their feelings out to you when you don't care?

In a day and age where Justin Bebeir, Twilight and Jersey Shore are successful is it really surprising that someone was entertained by this?

Maybe you should tell them in person?

No, no, he's texting a stranger, honey.

Them = the person the OP intended to text

Way to condescend wrongfully, 43.

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Isn't going to therapy pretty much the same as pouring your feelings out to a stranger?

4, it's easier to talk to strangers, they are a third party, no little about you or the people in your life and can offer you a different perspective.

Your therapist is paid enough to not tell you he's bored with your ratings

That's what they're for anyways :p

Get schooling before you wrongly spell a word, douche

Haha. Wow that is awesome. Forever alone.

Seeing yet another overused meme on FML. Mother of God.

This is so funny! I hope I get heartfelt texts from a stranger now. Adorable.

Hey, you're not an x-ray tech by any chance, are you, 32?

Well OP, maybe you should make sure to tell people your intimate feelings in person. This won't happen in that situation. :)

I'd rather tell a stranger my problems. They know nothing of me, or any of my friends so they can't blab to anyone.

I don't understand why anyone would keep texting someone -for weeks- even without getting a single reply :-|

OP was getting replies... The stranger OP had been texting was playing along.

There's a website, where a guy texts random numbers and convinces them that he is someone they know. I found it once and I don't remember what it is..

Well didn't you get the hint after seeing nobody responding to your texts for WEEKS?

Did you fully read the FML?

JEEZUS! Okay, again don't mind me.. I'm half asleep. (Why do I always do this to myself?)

23- because you are an FML emo. Quit hurting yourself!