By mkonda - 10/09/2016 17:11 - India

Today, my boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me via a Whatsapp group. FML
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Real men don't break up with their girl over a stupid text message

Wassap with that??


Real men don't break up with their girl over a stupid text message

You took the words right out of my mouth. Real men leave well expressed voicemail in your answering machine.

Real men break up via snail mail.

Real men break up via carefully choreographed interpretive dance.

Real men break-dance

Are you really gatekeeping breaking up?


Real men break up via pigeon carries

She said "boy" friend not manfriend tho

Wassap with that??

He's a joke, especially for doing something like that. You're better off without him OP.

If someone can't be honest to your face, then in your heart they never deserved a place. This guy is a douche. He barely even deserves a place in his body as a human being.

I guess the good thing is, that Facebook could now immediately update your relationship status for you.

This got worse with the word "group"

It thought it was the Wasssuuupppp group from the old Bud commercials. After they got all their tongues hanging out, they say that in unison, "Change your Facebook status to single."

People disgust me sometimes.

I know how it feels. Sorry OP.