By Anonymous - 27/11/2010 14:48 - United States

Today, while making love to my boyfriend, my sister called my cell phone. Not wanting to face the consequences of not answering, I had a long conversation with her. My boyfriend kept going. FML
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he is in it to win it.

Surely you could've just called her back when you were done? Or answered, said you were busy and would call back later or something along those lines? Next time; turn your phone off. :P


he is in it to win it.

YDI bitch

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You selfish bitch, I would have grabbed the phone and told your sister to fuck off untill I was done screwing you. This is a ydi all the way

today when we were having sex my girlfriend, she picked up the phone, and had a long conversation with her sister when we were still doing it. FML :))))

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I love how most women refer to it as making love whereas most of us guys call it f**king

YDI for expecting him to stop.

why the F*CK wouldn't he finish? I mean Damnnn. Call your bitch backk afterr yourr man cums at least. If you don't wanna finishh because of the phone I'm sure he's fine with that;)

why do you double the last letters of some of your words- surely it just adds extra effort.

I've noticed that too. It's funny though, because at the moment, it's the opposite with my boyfriend and I.

56 has it right, I knew somebody would have to give the alternate FML for this one. F your boyfriend's life for having you answer the phone during sex. Although, FYL if there are actually "consequences" for not answering a call from your sister. That's the sign of a bigger problem.

Lol "his in it to win it"? haha,i cant say otherwise

U have a pretty eye color!:)

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We?! Lol

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your second..

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Are you having an orgasm? Or are you taking it up the ass?

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how mayb she young n her sister a snitch ooorrrrr.... how would that conversation go ? hi how was yhur ooooooooo my gaaawwwd

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Ur picture is all I read

Honestly 156 do YOU even know what you meant to type??

Sex? or talk to my sister. what would you choose, cause both is a bad idea.

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now i see why people say that owners eventually resemble their pets .

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lol @31

how is sex a bad idea? are you just gonna live your days as a loney old crazy cat person?

She means both at once.... ...

I don't think she did....

Trust me. She did.

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really? >.>

No, I think he was being sarcastic

I hate your sister

your life sucks is at 1337 lol

Surely you could've just called her back when you were done? Or answered, said you were busy and would call back later or something along those lines? Next time; turn your phone off. :P

OMG U actually put an emoticon. and irs a FUNNY expression! rare

....Not that rare.

But there would have been "consequences", oh scary and don't call the OP Shirley :P

#18, Just because she offers helpful advice in here doesn't mean she's never serious. She's made me lol a few times :)

McMan, I'd say the OP should man up then. But she's a woman, so what's the woman equivalent?

Let's Google it :D *Clears Throat* "Toughen Up" "Step Up" "Grow Up" And uh what happened to my other comment D:

They're all appropriate, but I was trying to think of a woman specific one. Clearly that was my downfall... :P

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^To summarize #74: "You're annoying because you think!"

Ashtin, do you just analyse my comments?

Put on her big girl panties. :]

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first 4 letters I just figured that look i'm in grade 6 don't hurt me please

That's the one, Irish. (Though in this case the OP wouldn't necessarily want her panties on... But we'll ignore that. :P)

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Cinn I love your comments. Ashten84, stop being so bitchy and go fuck yourself.

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don't answer the phone whilst haivng sex. that's the height of rudeness.

I would have came in the OPs ear if she'd pulled that kinda shit on me. How disrespectful!

lmao, moneyshot ftw