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  Chanti_fml  |  26

#1 is right, look at it this way: it's not a FML for you cause you have a very sweet soon to be husband, it's that woman's FML cause she is clearly so miserable that she doesn't like happiness for others!

  jfotogs  |  0

Congrats! Sounds like you work at a Starbucks too!! That's usually when I'd mention to the customer that you have the right to refuse service to anyone and she can leave now ;)

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Ask her "If we're wasting your time, why are you still here?"

And let her stomp off in her pompous bitch-huff. Enjoy your moment, OP. I doubt much wil ruin it after that.

  thatonename  |  7

That's a great idea, I mean, op doesn't need a job. Like I get that it's a special moment, the old hag was a bitch, and that op didn't do anything wrong. However, op's bf could have chosen a better time that would have been just as special and hag-free. Op was at work to do a job and by ignoring customers wasn't doing it, albeit for only five min.