By hakuna matata - United States - Paso Robles
Today, I told my dad and brother that I want to take Zumba classes. My brother said, "Did you hear that? Pumbaa wants to Zumba!" Then he starting dancing and making pig noises. My dad high-fived him. When my mom heard, she high-fived him too. FML
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  zingline89  |  18

I think this Simbalizes bigger problems in the family. I mean maybe her brother isn't lion and she really is overweight, but at least she's doing something about it.

  perdix  |  29

#47, it's a group exercise class featuring Latin dance moves (salsa, merengue, etc.) and mostly Latin music. If you go all out, it can be about the most intense workout you can get. And if you like being outnumbered by girls, it's the place to be.