By Anonymous - 30/6/2020 05:02

M. Night Shyamalanadingdong

Today, I went to the bathroom after a terrible job interview. My interviewer walked in with another guy, talking about my interview, saying he was obviously going to hire the other guy because my odd-sounding name was too hard to pronounce, yet alone spell in multiple emails. FML
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It really depends on why it was terrible. If it was OP, then that’s probably it. But if it was because the interviewer was disinterested from the moment the interview started, then it’s on him.

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

I'd be at the sink when he comes out of the stall and say "you can copy/paste my name in emails and it doesn't take most people to long time figure out what to call me out loud." Then walk out, leaving him worried about a discrimination suit.