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By anon - 31/10/2012 04:22 - United States - Medford

Today, my girlfriend and I were going through some troubles in our relationship, and she said to me, "No offense, but I really hope no other relationship I have in the future will be like this one." Some offense taken. FML
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With all due respect, your girlfriend has no tact. I don't mean anything bad by this, but she sounds incredibly immature. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but what a ******* bitch. No offense.


Why is he getting thumbs down? He is completely right, his girlfriend doesn't see this relationship going any further so she is going to dump him eventually.

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Probably because of the improper English, "That's means"

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The fat lady is clearing her throat

Yes, number one. That is means breakup in future.

Send her to the future relationships ASAP

Aww 28, it's just not your day is it? I just like how the face in your picture reflects the point of your posts...a troll.

48 Doesn't get it, thinks he does, and thinks he's cool for being an ass for no reason. Bravo sir.

I was gonna thumb up it but it was at 69 thumbs . Couldn't ruin it ..

#1 Or op's partner is expecting op to break it off!

What a bitch! You will be better off without her OP. Break it off before it gets worse.

Wah whah wah! Im a little 12 year old self centred twat who thinks the solution to every argument is to break up!

No, you're a fifteen year old who apparently doesn't recognise the death toll ringing for this relationship. If she's already thinking about her next relationship, that means her heart isn't in this one. Add to that the fact that OP decided to submit an FML about this, and I think it's safe to conclude that it's just about over.

Im not trying to get specifically at purgarus, im just sick of all the mindless people who comment stuff like, "omg such a bitch, ur sooo much better than her/him." people can't actually be that unintelligent and boring in real life, can they?

Unfortunately, they can. I sympathise with your position in general, just not for this particular FML. Breaking up is rarely the right response for the situations here, and it's frustrating to see the reflex "You're better than that, OP, move on!" comments.

Say if i was op, with the same problems. You were giving me advice. You wouldn't say " you're so much better than her, break up with that bitch, would you?" so then why do people seem to lose all intelligence and become mindless zombies on the internet?

You can't be OP. You're a dude, and OP is a lady.

Guess you just proved my theory about losing all scraps of intelligence on the internet.

II agree with your point without being a self-righteous prick. "losing all scraps of intelligence on the Internet." Who the **** do you think you are? Get off your goddamned high horse, the thin air is ******* with your brain cells. There are intelligent people on the Internet that would like to have intelligent conversations with one another. If you haven't met any, then that's unfortunate, but don't generalize the entire online community. You're being as ignorant and unintelligent as the people you complain about.

33- It isn't the thin air, it's the hormones; he's 15. And 32, go back to raging on CoD on Xbox, and come back when you want to act like a mature adult. Adíos

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42- That's kind of a wide generalization, isn't it? I agree he is being daft and should shut up, but that doesn't mean you should associate him with gamers. We take offense to that.:P

Since apparently smurfsarwales needs it spelled out for him, this is one of the few FMLs where "dump her" is the proper response. Reason being, the gf said "I hope my FUTURE relationships" which means she sees herself being in a relationship with someone else in the future, and intends on leaving OP sooner or later. Might as well make it sooner and start healing.

Well said! I agree. She is just wasting both their time. Life is too damn short to waste it on people like that.

In this specific situation, I meant exactly what I typed. Her GF is a bitch for saying that and breaking up is a much better option then staying in a relationship where neither are happy. You are a complete idiot to not understand that (although I can't blame you, I doubt you have been in a relationship before so you wouldn't understand). It seems that you are the 12 year old here, not me.....wait no, that would be a insult to 12 year olds xP

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Ouch, I've been there. Here's to hoping you're able to make up!

Why would OP want to make up? Obviously she has no interest in this relationship going anywhere. OP may as well break it off and move on. She's also not very nice.

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Huh, well serves me right for commenting on looking at a better outcome. So you've never said something you didn't actually mean wholeheartedly when you're fighting with someone?

Maybe she's referring to all different types of relationships...or maybe she just sucks as a person. Better luck in your future relationships!

"No offense, but I hope that my future girlfriends aren't as ******* ugly as you." That would solve your problems.

Yeah that's totally mature to step down to her level and play it like a 4th grader. Excellent solution.

#13 - We have a saying in Danish, I think it's something like this in English: "from children and drunk people, you will hear the truth". Don't underestimate the powerful words coming out of a 4th grader's mouth - if I heard a 4th grader tell her mother: "Wow, that girl is so ugly", it'd make me feel preeeetty bad. Anyway, something as simple as saying this can really hurt, and if it's the truth, why not? The bitch didn't keep her mouth shut, why should OP. No reason to treat people differently than they treat you most of the time! Just my opinion

Can you write it in Danish? Would be interesting to see.

#45 - Fra børn og fulde folk skal man høre sandheden ;)

She OBVIOUSLY doesn't want someone as great as you, since she clearly doesn't mesh with good people.

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Where does OP imply that he's a good person?

No offense, but saying no offense really does nothing to gentle the offensive comment that inevitably follows the phrase no offense. Hey, at least the feeling is mutual now, OP. I doubt you want a relationship like that one either!

If you have to add "no offense" before saying something, you should probably re-think what you're about to say.

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Makes it sound like she has big plans for you two.... You might want to start looking for a new girlfriend OP

Talk to her about it, if she is talking like that then she doesn't deserve you... You shouldn't still be in a relationship that she said will certainly be breaking up with you soon enough.

With all due respect, your girlfriend has no tact. I don't mean anything bad by this, but she sounds incredibly immature. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but what a ******* bitch. No offense.

Because this FML shows that "no offense" always makes it better...funny though.

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No offense(I am about to say something offensive)