By oboy - 01/03/2010 05:13 - United States

Today, after ten minutes of squishing my boobs together for my boyfriend, trying to get him to stare, he glanced at them then blankly said "I've seen better tits on my mom, so baby just stop that" and smiled. FML
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i would have been like "well, go suck your momma's then, bitch" and just walk away. second!!

Time for a new boyfriend!


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No one give a shit.

ur boyfriend is a fucking wierdo. make him a sammich and move on!

it's ok OP you can still come to me

Sounds like you may think a little too highly of yourself to go on for TEN MINUTES. YDI, because you should have gotten the hint like I dunno? Ten minutes ago!

bf's a bungholio

relationship fail! c'mon, what gave you the hint to stop?

Boyfriends into incest! LOL

why do chicks always forget about some surprise head to get their dude in the mood? fuck a tittie, next time just bust down.

"squishing" your boobs together? who does that?! a-cups?

I agree! you must have small boobs if pushing them together is the only way they get noticed I'm a C and I don't have to push my boobs together to get them noticed ! if you have small boobs try a push up bra of not ... is his mom fat ???

responses is jealous...

repptar is right again

ydi. seriously, you sit and play with your tits to get his attention? grow the fuck up.

haha nice #42, i say that all the time

if you get done having sex and he says "I've had better sex with my mom", then you know it's time to dump him.

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUUURRRN

roasted kiwi nuggets? agreed?

Hahah kally got jokes haha

don't feel bad even if I try to push mine together they don't even touch.. that's how small they are... jeez I need to grow since everyone I know is a b cup or higher! aaaahhh

I am going to have to hurt whatchutalkinbou for being a "first" prick.

f^*k u no1 gives a crap

ahahh, that was sweet.

Wow, you're first? You're so fucking awesome. NAHTTTT.

what does OP mean?

I'm Firster than you so there

he's still breastfed

#85 one needs to know you're a C cup...

I'm a c and my boobs don't touch.. just throwing it out there...

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hahaha that sucks

She wishes he did. Ten minutes? After the first minute you should have moved on. What was he doing? The mom comment sounds like a joke. If you didn't think it was funny, find someone who's humour you like.

that mom comment is not funny ESP when you get sexually compared to her, now that is just gross. whoever is on the receiving end of that retort, and finds it funny, just wow. op is also stupid for not moving on after 20 seconds of him not giving a shit, WTF? I can't even imagine some moron squishing her boobs around for ten minutes seriously, sounds like you two are a match made in heaven, both retarded.

 umm....agreed  

MidgetMonster, you took the words right out of my mouth. Great post, I couldn't agree with you more!

Time for a new boyfriend!

Boobies are gross! :/ I see them as a fat potato rot.

i would have been like "well, go suck your momma's then, bitch" and just walk away. second!!

hells yh and if any says u deserve it I will kick thier ass

well there's 2 people right now that have said u deserved it, go kick their asses

learn to take a joke also if yr still not happy with him u can always do it for me

wow he likes his moms tits better than yours...what a fu*k wit, dump his ass

Wow that's sad... For you OP~ if his mothers breast is much more pleasing than your own... I'd be on his side~ Plus if he smiled after that I'm pretty sure it could have just been a joke~

we neeed to see to decide ... -.-!

first one to hit the ydi button. chyeeeeeaaaahhhh