By Jayswizzle - 11/08/2010 08:10 - United States

Today, I had an elderly woman come up to me and tell me how well I pull off the look of being bald. She said that most women can't look attractive without hair. Then she asked me if I had cancer. I had to explain to her that I am, in fact, a man, and I shave my head because I'm a swimmer. FML
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hey she's old maybe her eye sight is failing her an as a swimmer you probably have pecks and she might have assumed you were a small chested woman

hahahaha dude looks like a lady!!! I knew that song would come in handy:)


you coul have replied 'you look pretty alive for someone so close to their death'.

It could be worse. You could actually have cancer

you could have said that you were a man right away.

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ehh she's old... I wouldn't worry much about it.

hey mercy it's not a purse! it's a satchel!

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I don't see this as an FML. You have feminine features. So what. Grow some stubble, you pansy.

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But if he doesn't carry the purse, what will he put his tampons in? Besides, it matched his shoes!

This os when you whip out your **** and piss on her. She wont think you're a cancer-surviving girl after that.

it's funny because she thought you were a woman

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this could be sign to get rid of your moobs. (man boobs)

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don't feel bad OP, I had really short hair when I was younger and my grandma always confused me with my other cousin who is a boy. FML

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Have sex with her. That'll set her straight.

No big deal sinces she's old she probably has a bad sight

you are all thick as pig shit. clearly a man who is so dedicated to swimming that he shaves his head isn't gonna have man boobs. also on another note. how many times do you all have to write the same joke?! it wasn't funny the first time one of you idiots said about man boobs so why did the rest of you feel the need to repeat it?! god i just hate you all!!! except you legonut. I think you rock.

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And me of course, but that's a given.

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Old people think they can say whatever the **** they want to people. Next time ask her how long she has to live.

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hey legonut, you forgot to ask if the old woman was nice and moist.

If you're a guy you don't need an excuse to shave your head. I think you just wanted to include that you're a swimmer in your post.

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86- Why do you always write the REALLY long comments that no one wants to read?? Make it smaller. Please? It hurts my eyes. :)

82 -- sometimes "pretty" or androgynous men are attractive, but Justin Bieber looks like a child. If you're around his age I guess it's okay, but I think it's creepy as hell when women older than him think he's attractive.

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freshpie is awesome and I do read his comments

92- Are you crazy? His comments are hilarious.

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haha! this totally reminds me of that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. has any1 seen teh curb when jeff says he wouldnt mind being bald to larry, and then jeff actually gets bald and hes totally pissed? good episode...

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hey op she was old....maybe she had like eye surgery or something....or just the fact that she was going blind.... :D

6-that's not even funny, that's horrible. ********

dear freshpie, you and mr legonut are my favorite. please keep commenting

people need to learn how to shut the hell up and mind their own business in piblic. trolling in fml is ok though :)

hahahahahaha amazing 82 except the part about calling jb attractive

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Its an fml because he looks like a cancerous female. If that is the case, grow out your hair and wear a cap

hahahaha dude looks like a lady!!! I knew that song would come in handy:)

hahaha dude looks like a lady lol I knew that song would come in handy

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Stop wearing your moms clothes and you won't have this problem!

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lol. I wonder what OP would look like WITH hair XD

I don't really believe this one; no one would come up to a stranger and say something like that! If it is real, then yes, your life sucks.

oh, I've heard some weeeiiird stuff from old people... so I would believe this happend lol

old people like to talk to strangers....its the cool thing...for ya know...old people.

Agree with the people above. My sister works at a health care center and she has been proposed to several times by old men she doesn't even know.

4 possibilities 1- u look like a lady 2- the old lady is half blind 3- ur gay 4- ur a he she