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Today, I tried to break up with my boyfriend. He decided to lock me in the apartment until I say that we are in fact still together. This is the 4th time he has done this. FML
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Oh look. Stockholm syndrome in Stockholm.

mds9986 24

Isn't that kinda illegal? Not sure about Sweden law though.


mds9986 24

Isn't that kinda illegal? Not sure about Sweden law though.

TortoiseLove 2

Sure there are some areas in Syria and Iraq where this sort of crazy activity is accepted.

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WHY are you still there? Say what he wants to hear then call some friends to help pick up your stuff quickly or wait until he's out, get your things and GO!

I agree. Get out of there while you can.

Unless it's her apartment and she needs HIM to go...

#91 if its her apartment, she can just call the police to have him removed

Since this is basically a hostage situation OP should call the police.

Oh look. Stockholm syndrome in Stockholm.

AHHH you beat me to it! I was going to say the same thing :)

You've got to be quick off the mark to beat a veteran like Wellshite!

Not really Stockholm syndrome. He's not keeping her captive until she actually does like him, he's keeping her until she says they're still together.

I laughed probably more than I should have at that lol.

I'm gonna go ahead and say those four down votes were drunk and couldn't see properly.

Came here just to give you your upvote :P

You could just leave after you said the stuff he wants to hear.. But still that's pretty messed up for him to do that.

SHE SHOULD leave after making him hear what he wants to hear because since he doesn't want to hear what she's saying and ends up locking her up till she says what he wants, then that's the only way for you to get what you want too lol. Unless she's a masochist. That's another story.

I can't get past the fact that this has worked THREE times before. Why not try for a fourth? Depending on how many more times this happens, would could hook you two up to a copper coil and create entertain from perpetual motion.

*entertain->energy C'mon, man, we're slightly better than this.

Hey, it would be more entertaining than spinning a turbine...

Maybe break up with him in public, with a friend by your side so that you have a quick escape route after announcing the break up.

Even so, she will still need to go back to the apartment and pick up her stuff, and thus risk getting locked in again. That is, unless her friends and/or family go and help her move out, then yay!

Even so, she will still need to go back to the apartment and pick up her stuff, and thus risk getting locked in again. That is, unless her friends and/or family go and help her move out, then yay!

This comment wasn't meant to be a reply. My apologies.

first time, shit that sucks. fourth time...what are you even doing?

That's insane! And illegal! Report him please! Also, and I'm most likely just ignorant and oblivious about this, but how do you get locked IN the apartment? Like, are you locked in just a room in the apartment that can't be opened from the inside? That's scary then!

zeffra13 31

Often the door in/out of a building only locks by a key, & can't be opened from either side without it. I'm guessing OP returned her key during the breakup speech, or he grabbed it & ran. No clue how the same thing could happen so many times though.

Ah, I wasn't thinking of the entire apartment complex. Thanks for clearing that up! ^_^

My apartment doesn't have a switch lock (not sure if that's what they're called), but can only be locked and unlocked from inside (or outside) with a key. One day my roommate left his keys at work, and since I had already left for work and had locked the door behind me when I left, he was locked in the apartment all day. If OP's apartment has a similar type of lock, all her boyfriend would have to do is lock the door and take her key.

That's a little inconvenient. But yeah that's probably what OP has. Thanks for the explanation!! Appreciate it! ^^

Bs. You can always exit any room/building without a key. That due to fire code.

83, I live in China, where there are few building/safety codes. The only other way out of my locked apartment is through the window. As I'm on the 7th floor, that's not a viable option.

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The place my family rents has a deadbolt that can only be opened with a key. My brother loves to lock it. I got locked in a few times when I couldn't find my keys. I'd hate for there to be a fire... And after the first time getting locked in until I changed my answer, I'd be gone. I wouldn't stick around 4 times.

So he's willing to lock you in to make you stay together and you aren't worried about this being a red flag? If he's done this 3 times before, why are you still with or around him? Get away from that crazy. YDI

I completely agree. 1st time was fyl, but the rest are definitely ydi.

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Maybe she's afraid of what else he might do? Someone who is willing to lock someone in his apartment could be capable of other terrible things. It may seem stupid of her, but remember, she is still the victim. Don't blame her. Fear makes you do things you don't want to do, like stay in bad relationships.

Your life sucks, but with this being the 4th time, you kinda deserve it.

You're a dick. This is an abusive relationship and you're laying blame on the victim of the abuse.

I'll get downvotes, but I agree. The 4th time? FOURTH. YDI

it's not that they people deserve to be hit again it's that the only reason they got hit again is because they stayed with him/her. same here, she doesn't deserve to be locked in a room with him. but she keeps trying the same thing, she needs to make up a new plan where that won't happen.