By Anonymous - 22/12/2010 03:25 - United States

Today, I discovered why my house smells like death. Apparently, because of the rain, a whole load of worms crawled into my garage and died. They're everywhere. FML
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get some birds to fly in your house and eat them :D

knibbsy 4

You must have killed many creatures in your past. The karma karma karma karma karma chameleon has caught up to you.


get some birds to fly in your house and eat them :D

I_R_Genius 3

Just use them for fishing or just let birds into your house and let them have their way.

I ate an earthworm flavored jellybean once. it wasnt that bad.

at least you can get rid of the worms and no one will be suspicious. i have a bunch of dead people in my house and i dont know what to do!

I_R_Genius 3

I'll help you RFG, I have a very nice 150 acre farm picked out that no one goes to. So, I'll come pick you up and we can dump the bodies so no one will find out.

Thanks #23 now i know why they call you Genius

BandddGeekkk 0

20 & 23, you made my day. thank you for that. :D

I know where dat 150 acre farm is. I sold it to you. I want my land back. you said you would build a school for I_R_Geniouses!

I_R_Genius 3

Shhh, I'm still going to build that school, but RFG needs my help now. I don't want him getting caught. Dammit, my secret has been found out. *runs to the I_R_Geniouscar and drives to my lair.*

this is a lie. worms have no system therefore are about 99% odourless wen dead or alive. so even if u have thousands u wudnt be able to smell them wen they were dead. why do people keep putting lies here. hate that.

#69 to start, nice number. next, thanks for teaching me an interesting fact! last, WIN.

BandddGeekkk 0

ewwie!! worms are yuckky!!! I'm sooo sorry. /;

sourgirl101 28

Why? Do guys not use the word "yucky"?

I use yucky allll the time and vomitrousous but worms arnt that gross from a guys point of veiw lol...well my straight freind thinks there gross so well= meh idk where I'm going with this

RT twisted soul: I know where you're going... and you fail

u do? WTF? cuz i got lost lol I can't ever think straight

don't you need to be straight to think straight?

huh? sorry I wasn't listening I was staring at the twins.

ewwwww FML for haveing to see ur profile picture...both of u totally vomitrousous

how am I a hypocript? one is of sum girls brests than another is of a fat cartoons guys cencsord dick

SMH -vomitrocious********* -read the definition, then plug my 'hypocrite' remark to the situation.

lol I don't know the definition I got it off muffy on Arthur when I was like 7 lol I used to love that show

sorry, I do not own breasts. I'm a male. I liked that show.

males can have breasts too, you're pretty cute for a guy.. ;p

omg tif I loved that show sooo mutch I'm 17 and I still watch it of I'm looking at channals and I see it on lol

MizzErikaHart 8

it's kinda sad cuz I'm 22, seen allthe episodes, a million times each, but I'll still watch it. probably always wull

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knibbsy 4

You must have killed many creatures in your past. The karma karma karma karma karma chameleon has caught up to you.

Spiders deserve to die. They must have killed the last living unicorn... That is worth a worm massacre.

karma karma karma karma karma chameleon, you come and go, you come and goooo.

dododo! :D i wish i knew the rest of the lyrics so i could sing along with you... :(

xcrystal011 2

oh dang!!!!!! that really sucks

tdog_ossim 0

rofl, i can smell it even tho its nvr haopened to me :/

well worms are acually relly high in protein so worm smoothie anyone? great for workouts:)

soldier4life_88 0

put some bacon in it!!! bacon makes everything taste better!!!!

hkgirl89 8

wow...that's gross! sucks for you!