By Anonymous - / Wednesday 22 December 2010 03:25 / United States
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  I_R_Genius  |  3

I'll help you RFG, I have a very nice 150 acre farm picked out that no one goes to. So, I'll come pick you up and we can dump the bodies so no one will find out.

  I_R_Genius  |  3

Shhh, I'm still going to build that school, but RFG needs my help now. I don't want him getting caught. Dammit, my secret has been found out. *runs to the I_R_Geniouscar and drives to my lair.*

  Mierda2k  |  1

this is a lie. worms have no system therefore are about 99% odourless wen dead or alive. so even if u have thousands u wudnt be able to smell them wen they were dead. why do people keep putting lies here. hate that.


I use yucky allll the time and vomitrousous but worms arnt that gross from a guys point of veiw lol...well my straight freind thinks there gross so well= meh idk where I'm going with this

  tttiffany  |  0


-read the definition, then plug my 'hypocrite' remark to the situation.

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