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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Truth is often very rude. I always hate when people say something mean or rude and then defend it by saying they're just being honest. Something may be true, but it doesn't mean it should be spoken out loud. Not saying something hurtful doesn't mean you're being fake it means you have the manners and class to know when something will be hurtful and know when it shouldn't be said. (Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine).
I do feel bad for Op and think the boyfriend, although trying to be funny I assume, was in the wrong here. She was annoyed and uncomfortable with what he was doing and he should've respected that or at the very least turned it into a compliment.

By  sevazilla  |  21

There is nothing you can do, except dump his dumb ass

  0ss  |  12

FML 101: Relationship problem solving. Through several workshops you will learn how to avoid having a healthy relationship like the plague. Prerequisites include: Lack of communication skills, inability to apply critical thinking.

Because dumping them is always the answer!

By  fviker95  |  13

Op you should lighten up sometimes guys are just silly with the girl they love I'm sure he really cares about you and loves you just try not to take things so personally