By CharlieOrion - 04/05/2012 12:25 - United Kingdom - Northampton

Today, the school nurse called me in. She said she knew I was pregnant and she was worried about how it was affecting my grades. I'm not pregnant. Apparently I'm just stupid and fat. FML
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Hey, I'm OP- and I'm really not that fat! I've just gained weight quickly, cause I'm stressed about exams... This didn't really help much!

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And then you got drunk, went to the liquor store, grabbed two cases of beer and urinated on a pregnancy test just to prove you were just fat. xD I could totally see how this FML and the last one go hand in hand

carmenm 6

That's so wrong of your school nurse to just assume something like that.. Wtf


Hard to tell these days, sorry OP Should have uses that backhand

For the school nurse: how could she possibly say something like that when she doesn't know it for sure, and for you OP: maybe this was a wake up call.

#17, it's just too easy to make up rumours that people will simply take at face value.

I hate ppl who judge others. Who cares if your fat or skinny. As long as your happy in life, forget what everyone say.

So OP... You did not happen to go to a liquor store after this? ....

tarabelle 7

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How could a school nurse mistake being big to being pregnant? When you're pregnant your stomach looks way different than when you're fat.

#62 having been to 4 schools in my school years so far, I can assure you that every one, and most other schools, have a school nurse.

bfsd42 20

33, when you say "I hate people", then aren't you judging? You should maybe take some of your own advice. "As long as *you're happy in life, forget what everyone *says. "

I would have thumbed that up if your grammar was better

Jakesterk96 8

97- it was the school counselor disguised as the nurse trying to send a message.

People make da worst assumtions. Its so annoying. You need to know for a fact and not jump to a conclusion. Makes me mad

cretan 4

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theevilduchess 12

Crawl in a corner and die. See how mean that is? See how you are thinking I shouldn't have said anything? That's how the rest of the world feels about you right now.

Maybe you should stop being such a ******* dick

#7, It is mean, but not doing anything about one's fatness is probably the meanest thing a person can do to him-/herself. I agree that he could have phrased that better though.

cretan 4

Meh, I could, but then stupid fat people would stay that way instead of doing something about their nasty selves

19- You're still talking? I think it would be in your best interest to keeo your ignorance to yourself and shut the **** up.

theevilduchess 12

#19 is just trolling and trying to start a fight. This thread isn't interesting enough to play "who's a bigger dick" today.

mduffy08 8

Well... If she is stupid and fat... Isn't this a YDI?

I think it would benefit OP more if she studied not worked out.

I see that most of you guys don't like anybody who has a separate opinion from you. Yea he probably could've phrased it better but #19 is right

cretan 4

See it is people like y'all that make the rest of the world week cause you coddle everyone and give em another gallon of ice cream and pork chops instead of actually speaking the truth. If you cannot handle it, don't post on here, it's that simple

It's not having a separate opinion that's the issue, it's the poster being a dick about how they phrased their opinion.

cretan, Have anyone taught you RESPECT? Troll...

Nice story 37. Now follow your own advice and stop posting. By the way, I understand being healthy should be encouraged. But you're being a dick.

Cretan, difference between "weak" and "week," somebody else might want to study ;)

Mommyof2_91 10

Have any of the people saying she deserves it and that she should do something ever think that maybe she's tried doing things and maybe has an underlying health condition?

19# You spelled your name wrong. Its spelled CRETIN not cretan.

#70 you should look up the percentage of people who have those type of health conditions where they can't lose weight. It's very very small

Everyone gets offended over nothing these days, dudes right, instead of complaining the should jump on a treadmill. Is he really being a dick for not sugar coating it? It's not like he said ' start exercising you fat **** '

79- that offends me! Not sure why, but it felt like the right thing to say! Overweight people shouldn't have to work out, we should grovel at their feet and say sorry for society doing this too you! And I won't even get into stupid, most people on here wouldn't get it anyway....

robinhood007 9

Well people who are overweight enough to be mistaken pregnant probably should work out. I don't want to sound mean at all. I am saying this because it is unhealthy and being overweight can cause serious health problems down the line (if not already). But I am not going to tell someone to work out because it's "gross" to be overweight, just for health reasons.

cakeddeath 1

That sucks OP your nurse should research more

connerwonner 7

What does researching have to do with anything?

I don't mean to point out the obvious but 90 and 110 are quite clearly retarded

Uh well sorry op, but at least you have an excuse to eat and stay home from school due to "morning sickness " ;)

Why would someone be able to stay home due to morning sickness? And why would OP do it when she's clearly not pregnant and would only get into trouble for lying, and her grades would drop more, just causing her more problems?

Gossip is a bitch. ...At least, that's the only way I can see her coming across that kind of information.

carmenm 6

That's so wrong of your school nurse to just assume something like that.. Wtf

I agree, she was WAY out of line. if the nurse was concerned she could have handled it much differently.

tidbits5197 28

And then you got drunk, went to the liquor store, grabbed two cases of beer and urinated on a pregnancy test just to prove you were just fat. xD I could totally see how this FML and the last one go hand in hand

cheetahbaby96 8

At first I though YDI, then I read the rest. Hahaha Jenny Craig?

Apparently? You're just figuring this out? If you're old enough to be pregnant, you're old enough to get your ass in gear, lose some weight, and study harder.

Some people will do anything to work out. I told my friend to get his ass in gear and then he said his gears are clogged. Then I said with cholesterol. Then I ran away before he ate me.

I don't understand how people can be fat, and do nothing about it. Doesn't it disgust you to see your own reflection? Isn't it embarrassing to stuff your face knowing that you don't need to pile on more fatness? People have zero respect for their body.

Tell me if I'm wrong. But isn't weight only a certain percentage genetic for others? I personally can't gain weight so I don't know what it's like for the other side.

SirCharles83, how is insulting a VERY large group of people going to help them? They need determination, not insults from douches. I know from experience, and accomplished it.

jillybee101 7

Some people just can't lose weight. It's really tough. My mum dieted and worked out for a solid year and only lost 20 pounds. So unless you're Gods gift, shut the hell up and take your own advice dick face.

Jakesterk96 8

44- Are you kidding me? What do you tell ugly people?

63 - You're only 17. That could change!

bookbrace 6

44- Some people aren't fat because they stuff their faces all the time and lack respect for their body; they might be fat because of illness or medications or an eating disorder, you have no idea what their situation is so din't judge someone just on how they look

lol just look how gross 44 looks with his jc penny suit hahaha

I agree doc, if you are fat then 90% of the time you can lose weight simply by working out and changing your diet

44 you are a turdface in a turdsuit.... now stfu