By Anonymous - 27/09/2009 12:17 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, by text, while we were in the same room. FML
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let me guess the reason why he broke up: lack of communication?


you deserve it for dating a loser... seriously, if you can't tell a guy is this unclassy, you're pretty hopeless...

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Yeah, #15, cuz no one's EVER been a douchebag to you, cuz you can always predict it, right?

Maybe it could've been her fault? maybe she was the unclassy one

#15 obviously thinks he's better than everyone. His username is "youreanidiot". He's just one of those people...

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I agree with laph's observation for agreeing with lem0ns sarcasm

I agree with orangef1zz for agreeing with greenltrn2003 for agreeing with laph's observation for agreeing with lem0ns sarcasm.

#15 is sooooo right. you should find out if your boyfriends an asshole before you date them. this isnt an fml this is a thank tha lord your done with that asshole

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kay that sucks for you, but as for your boyfriend, FTW ! :P

LOL! Don't worry, you can find a better person than that cheap bastard!

He's a douche. Anyone who breaks up with someone over text is just a pussy. Sorry, but it's the truth. LoL. =]

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Agreed! And anyone who breaks up with someone over a text while in the same room is... I don't even know what that is...

My girlfriend lives in a different city and I had to ask her out over text. That doesn't make me a pussy. Do you realize how scary it is going to meet someone you met on the fkn internet? You deserve to be labeled a man after that.