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Today, my manager made me stay at work for an extra four hours, making me miss an urgent specialist appointment I'd scheduled months ago. Why? Because her neighbor's dog was having puppies, and she wanted to go home early and see them. FML
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Samster2000 9

You aren't obliged to stay after hours, especially if you have something else on.

The bitch had to go home and see her bitch.


Samster2000 9

You aren't obliged to stay after hours, especially if you have something else on.

lenamartinovic 13

Unless she tells you that she'd fire you. Then you're screwed.

I love how a you guys are 14 and 15 and you think you know how the working world operates.

jab7769 8

Your scheduled for a certain amount of hours and when those hours are completed you can leave no matter what. Now the company can decide to terminate your employment depending on what state your in, but can't deny you unemployment rights. Specially if their is medical appointment you could possible use the labor board to force them to give you your job back.

feldco1 17

It depends on the state but your employer can keep you after your shift as long as you are paid for the time you are there.

#47 there are a lot of rules about what can and can't be done, but in most cases bosses can do whatever the hell they like, because their workers are reliant on the job and can't "rock the boat" just because the boss breaks some rules. it's sad but true that they can get away with so much.

#48 No one likes pricks who go around calling people children and correcting grammar mistakes. Who died and made you queen?

46- you can get jobs at those ages. stop being ageist.

crazytwinsmom 25

Depends on the laws in Australia. But it could still be miserable at work if you tried to enforce it. The boss is a jerk though if she made you miss a medical appointment. Hope you're ok.

BeforeItWasCool 12

46- They have a fairly good knowledge from where I see it. Age doesn't make you superior, and accept the fact that there are some young people who are just as knowledgable as you see yourself.

peachesncreem 21

You should complain to your union, HR or anyone else who is higher up than your boss. Unless you're casual, she can't force you to work over your set hours. Also, if you worked those 4 hours with no breaks, then you have something extra to complain about.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Why are so many people push overs at work? If it's short notice and you already have an important appointment during that time, you don't have to work those extra short noticed hours.

48- I love how you're being rude to them about their age and how they don't know about the real world when your user name is 'walmartpaysme.'

46, People can get jobs at 14 in Canada, I'm not sure about other countries but I'd imagine it's the same. Age doesn't make you smarter in anyway at all. Experience does, but if we can get jobs at 14 we know a little about the working worlds. Also, how do you assume that the commenters are teenagers ? If it's because they're on here, you look about 40 and I'm being generous when I say this. You bitch about teenagers knowing working systems, and a lot of teens do, but did you see anything false in the comments?

46- because a cake decorator at Walmart OBVIOUSLY knows better, right? Lawl.

jab7769 8

46 don't feel bad about correcting my grammar. I mean working at Walmart means you hold a phd right?? Just ask my girlfriends 40 year old ex-husband who is currently living in his sisters basement and doesn't pay child support for his 3 children, 2 I am raising. This because his highest and best job is Walmart. Haha

McNerdyNerd 8

#71- That was a horribley rude thing to say :( people who work at Walmart work for their pay too. I'm not sure but I can't imagine you having a wonderful job either with your nasty attitude.

48 - You wouldn't be so annoying if you were attractive and a bitch. You should probably lose 20 pounds. Your personality would still suck though

When you have a real job "dems tha brakes". Your boss can have you stay extra up to a certain amount of hours, and most states (at least in the US) approve forced overtime. This means that you can be made to work more than 40hrs (or 8hr days) within reason, and have no recourse if you lose your job for not doing it. However, if time was preapproved for this appt, that is an entirely horse of a different color and I personally would have straight up bounced.

Wow people learn your labor laws - I mean, for Christ sake they're usually posted right in the bathroom or back office on a giant freaking poster. Not only is "forced overtime" NOT legal in the us (unless you're an independent contractor) but your employer is not even allowed to change the schedule once it's posted without your consent first - learn your rights people and stop making assumptions

So, walmartpaysme, you seem to be under the impression that an employer can force you to work overtime and miss an important appointment on a mere whim. That wouldn't happen to have anything to do with your experiences at your workplace would it?

90 - Which posters are you talking about? According to the Federal Department of Labor's website: "When can an employee’s scheduled hours of work be changed? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has no provisions regarding the scheduling of employees, with the exception of certain child labor provisions. Therefore, an employer may change an employee's work hours without giving prior notice or obtaining the employee's consent (unless otherwise subject to a prior agreement between the employer and employee or the employee's representative)."

#46 you work at Walmart you don't really know how the working world operates.

Llamacod 11

#60, she was calling no one children. She was pointing out that, according to profiles, these two individuals were 14 and 15 and you're wrong I like when other people correct grammar errors, for ***** sake if you can't type intelligently then stay the **** off the keyboard. Unless, of course, you are actually a fucktard and you don't have the intelligence to type correctly- then by all means type what you want but don't get all asshurt if someone corrects you

Thank you 98 for putting 90 in his place. Try doing a little real research before you make an ass of yourself. Just asking your unemployed loser friends what the right to work laws are while reading FML on the toilet is not research.

46- You can stop being such a ******* ageist bitch.

#46 and we love that you're 22 and still take duck face selfies.

Your comment is inconsistent with your pic.

*ironic (Maybe oxy-moronic but maybe not)

The puppies aren't even cute when they are first born..

Llamacod 11

#16, as I see a cat as a picture I see it as a perfectly reasonable comment to be made

Wow, mabye she will let you see them. :)

Inheritance 10

Yes because that'll make the difference.

I'm just saying when my dog had puppies and I was feeling sad or overworked, I would just go over and play with them and most of the time I would feel better.

Except OP said they had a specialist appointment.. And seeing how she booked that one four months ago she'll probably have to wait just as long, if not longer for a rescheduled appointment. I doubt seeing the puppies would make them feel better.

25 - Oh, I guess I can see the fault in my comment now.

Girreth 7

25 - How'd you know it was FOUR months ago? Burn the witch!

39 - It said "four hours" so maybe 25 read quickly and thought it was "four months"? Either that or we have a witch hunt on our hands!

Inheritance 10

95, 25 is referring to when she scheduled it, not how long she worked over. Perhaps you should re-read it?

OP had something Important they had to miss. Puppies won't cover it.

The bitch had to go home and see her bitch.

perdix 29

Actually, it's her neighbor's dog. Maybe the neighbor is the boss's bitch, so the bitch has to go home to see her bitch's bitch. Whatever that relationship is, there is no doubt that the OP is the boss's bitch.

So... she had to go see her bitch's bitch give birth to bitches? Yo dawg....

So let me get this straight: The bitch made her bitch work four extra hours so she could go home to see her other bitch's bitch give birth to bitches. Nice.

Well you shouldn't of stayed and missed that appointment, you had a more important thing to do rather then coaching her dog through child birth.

It's spelled shouldn't have stayed, not shouldn't of stayed!

BeforeItWasCool 12

I do not know where to begin with this comment. Should not have stayed, would be the correct term, as those above have pointed out. If you actually bothered to read the FML thoroughly, OP had nothing to do with the birth. Finally, you state the DOG went through CHILD birth. Think on that a little while, would you? Just, try and piece together how that might be wrong.

Llamacod 11

#66, "should not have" and "shouldn't have" are actually the same thing. Have you never heard of contractions?

CharresBarkrey 15

112 - 5 said "shouldn't of" not "shouldn't have." The former has literally no meaning in the English language.

KiddNYC1O 20

I hate you, 'shouldn't of'... And all your grammatically incorrect derivatives.

You should've left anyway. Get a doctors not proving you had an appointment. She can't fire you for it. Your situation is much more pressing than hers.

agonydrum 7

unless op is unionized, yes she can

75- you're saying that op can get fired if they don't stay 4 more hours at work, and miss a specialist appointment just so the boss can see the neighbors puppies?? You must be a boss yourself. I say try to fire me and I'll see you in court for wrongful dismissal.

raraisbang 12

83, actually, in the USA forced overtime is legal in most states. I'm sure it is in other places as well. You can be fired for walking out on work even if asked to stay late. But it would be a giant bitch move on OP's boss' part.

yea if they're not a union they don't really need a reason for firing you. Accept she was asked to work past her shift. Overtime. She does not have to work if she is not scheduled too. And they cannot dismiss her for it.

raraisbang 12

92, as I said, in some states, FORCED overtime is legal, therefor making it totally legal for OPs boss to fire OP for leaving after being told to stay. My job has mandatory overtime, and if asked to stay, I have to.

It is not dependant on the state it's dependant on the job. Union or not. Also the owners. And I've worked at both. You are asked to work the overtime. You have the right to say no depending on the job and the reason. Which is why they ask you and not tell you. Her having an important appointment gives her every right to say no. whether her boss likes it or not. The doctors note gives her that.

raraisbang 12

It is dependent on the job, but every job that is not unionized can fire you for refusing. That's why it's called "mandatory" overtime. Look it up, it's clearly stated in labor laws that an employer has the right to change your schedule (including having you stay later) without notice unless the matter has been pre-discussed and approved by your employer. As I said, at jobs like mine, if you refuse to stay late when needed, you'll be promptly promoted to customer.

raraisbang 12

Look at the thread under 1's comment, last post.

raraisbang 12

FLSA laws in the USA ( they may be different in Australia, so this is just a ref. to the conversation about the legality of forcing overtime in the USA) "Yes," your employer can require you to work overtime and can fire you if you refuse, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA (29 U.S.C. § 201 and following), the federal overtime law. The FLSA sets no limits on how many hours a day or week your employer can require you to work. It requires only that employers pay employees overtime (time and a half the worker's regular rate of pay) for any hours over 40 that the employee works in a week. (Some states' laws, however, give employees more rights than the FLSA does, so check with your state department of employment or labor to be sure.)

Llamacod 11

108, not always more than 40 per week. Sometimes it isn't 80 hours per 2 weeks (meaning it is possible to work 60 hours in 1 week with no overtime as long as you only work 20 hours in the next week)

Well did u tell them u had a very important appointment ? Because if u just agreed to that ydi. Hope u can reschedule your appointment.

mysticshroom 2

ydi for letting people tell you what to do then bitching about it on the internet.

Dude that's how work works. You do what people tell you to do. But yeah OP should have said thy couldn't stay.

Letting people tell you what to do? Let me guess, you're a "rebellious" teenager who "doesn't give a **** what other people say", right? Let me tell you how it works in the real world - You have a boss, and you do what the boss says it you lose your job. It's that simple. Unless you win the lottery or are the next Steve Jobs, you better learn that lesson quickly, son.

Let me try that again - You do what the boss says OR ELSE you lose your job. That's the last time I post a comment right after snorting raw stevia, I swear.

perdix 29

How can an appointment be urgent if you made it months ago? It could be important, critical or life-and-death, but urgent suggests an immediacy of time. The good news is that your boss's neighbor is not going to have a distracting baby anytime soon. Not a great silver lining for you, I suppose.

My orthopedist is always booked for months in advance. I had to wait for four months only to be told that I had severe scoliosis and needed immediate surgery because I waited "too long" to be seen. Some specialists are heck to deal with. I've been waiting 6 months for another specialist and just now my insurance decides to cut off 3 days before the appointment.

Specialist appointments sometimes take forever to get. I have a situation that my doctor has deemed somewhat critical, but need to see a specialist, and just got word that the earliest they can fit me in is September 2013 (this is following a 10-month wait for an MRI). For me, hearing it was only made "months ago", and not "last year" or something, says it's probably fairly urgent. OP, that seriously sucks. Personally, I would have refused to stay, even if it meant risking my job. My health is just too important to me...

#52 that's awful :( it must be so hard to have your health reliant on insurance and ridiculous rules, would the receptionist make you up a receipt that makes it seem like the appointment is 3 days earlier?

TheDrifter 23

It's no better here. If your appointment is within 6 months, they consider it "urgent". I had reconstructive surgery after an accident, something they consider "cosmetic" as being disfigured won't kill you. The waiting list was 50 weeks.

Well, shoot! I was starting to be OK with this whole idea of "public healthcare" here in the states, but if there's going to be waiting lists, wellll never mind!

57- I wouldn't want to do that because it's insurance fraud. I just paid out of pocket. A little pricey, but I could still manage, and a lot better than dealing with tedious paperwork all at once. I just need to find a new health insurance.