By ohdang - 01/03/2012 17:12 - United States

Today, my therapist clapped for me when I told her I'd made a friend. FML
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I don't keep friends because during times of war, they can be captured and tortured for information about myself.

20 I am coming to haunt you muahahha I ll be your friend :D

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Thats not a good idea because then op will have 2 friends and his therapist will have a heart attack from the shock

Think positive-you have a friend at least

*reads name* Navi, if you come near my home I will shoot you out of the air like a clay pigeon. I should have done it long ago, you annoying goddamn fairy.

It's awesome that you made a new friend, but what were you expecting your therapist to do? Hell, I wish people would clap when I made new friends.

People would have to clap a long time for me.

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because you'd only ever make one friend, so they would let you enjoy it as long as you want 'cause it'll never happen again, right?

Aww, i know this might not help.. But its better than nothing! Taking small steps is the best way :D

awee atleast your making progress! (: soon you will have tons of friends! maybe even get some people to follow you on twitter!

Well after all, it is a congratulating moment!

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Is your therapist not your friend? :o

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Someone you pay $100 bucks (maybe more, maybe less) to talk to you for an hour is not a friend, but an employee. And that hour is really only 50 minutes.