By asdfghjkl_12 - 25/02/2009 04:33 - United States

Today, I found out that my boyfriend owns and wears more thongs than I do. FML
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Wow, isn't it great to have an understanding, loving girlfriend rather than a close minded little bitch who has to go to the internet to drag on her boyfriend behind his back. I'm just about the straightest guy you will ever meet, this is what has been told to me by other people, but I don't cast judgement on people doing something that makes them feel good. Are you so scared that you have to stick people into these little pre-constructed gender boxes? Are you sick and weird if you wear a guys boxers while you sleep or if you don't wear makeup? God forbid you have short hair or want to work outside of a kitchen. Why is it you people seem to think that a man is only a man if he takes his dick and sticks it in a ******. No wonder so many men have ****** up images of sex and pleasure. I don't know your boyfriend but I hope he dumps you.


I've had the same problem! Sucks doesn't it?

On the plus side if your stuck for undies you can borrow his. Its not that bad really.

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Well I'd say, F his Ass, seeing as how the brother likes something up there, :/

ya, definitely an FML. at least you guess have something else to share.