By ApparentlyIFail - France
Today, my girlfriend of two years broke up with me so she could "let her life flow in the direction she wants." Apparently that includes smoking, stealing and making out with other girls at parties. The best part? She wants to get back together "after she matures and gets it out of her system." FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0

Just tell her to shut her pipehole and make you a damn SAMMICH!!!!

Females are objects and you cant treat them with freedom....

Its like giving your ipod the freedom to choose what music it plays, stupid.

So YDI for 1. Having a girlfriend that thinks shes worth more then an average female.

and 2. Not stamping your authority

By  Jagger117  |  0

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By  Intellectualist  |  0

She did the right thing, it might hurt now, but you both get to live your lives now.
So go do the same... go make out with boys, smoke drink and's more fun screwing around than actually being in a relationship anyway.

By  perdix  |  29

What? Are you afraid that one of the other girls has a bigger dick than you do?

If I were you, I'd say "Hell, yeah" and go on my merry way. If you are free when she feels she is "mature," then pick up where you left off. If you've found someone better by then, tell her to fuck off.


Perdix, you are on the right track. However regardless if he has someone or not when she is done scissoring and stealing, he should bang her like a hooker (do some really nasty things) and then leave her ass by herself.

That should teach that whore a lesson..