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Today, I told my husband I want to lose the baby weight I put on with my recent pregnancy, and once I succeed I will go on a clothes shopping spree. To this he remarked, "So either way I'm spending money; either on food or on clothes." FML
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No man is going to react well to your plans to spend his money.

Well, the man has a point, unless it would definitely be your own money you would spend on clothes. Besides, why would you need to go on a shopping spree? Surely you'd have a selection of clothes from before you were pregnant that would fit when you lose the baby weight, and you could buy a couple of new things as a reward for being able to lose the weight. Unless you used the word spree as an exaggeration.


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lol go easy on him

man's got a point.

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tell him no more sex until he understands who is really in charge of this FAMILY

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are we REALLY going to start this argument again?

Rofl #45!

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#45 , you got them good. you win.

Thank you #91. The other two, you lose.

lol it's true though

And very logical!

He's right you know. Let's hope it's on clothes...

She needs to get a job.

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Because raising kids and taking care of the house is not real work?

Because sitting on your husband's neck and asking him for money that you'll spend on your own whims is...ahem.... a typical leach behavior?

For a couple months - yeah. But do you honestly think that being a SAHM is normal?

I am the eldest child in my family and my mom hasn't had any employment since at least 9 months before I was born, btw.

Don't tell me that your father had to get a second job XD

Yes, yes I do. I'd rather raise my child, our child, than go to work tooooo... what... hmm what is that now... oh I remember! PAY for someone ELSE unrelated to my family whatsoever to raise my child for me. No thanks.

Considering full time daycare where I come from is about $1,100 a month. That's my take home working 40 hour weeks. I see my child for a few hours a day to have no money left over? or be in the sane financial situation and see, feed, raise, teach and live with my son everyday. That's a toughy!

I just hope that you and your child are not a huge financial strain to your significant other one (in case you have them). Providing for two people, one of whom is extremely high-maintenance, is kinda....stressful.

You're husband is a smart man. ROFLMAO

*Your. Before you can ask, I would like to clarify that I'm a Grammar Nazi.

Married to Grampa Nazi?

At least he tried...

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18- win

women=money! Yes I am sexist. jks. :)

Women=money Women=time Time=money Women=poverty :(

Edit: please don't take this too seriously!

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Yeah women = time x money so we substitute here women = money x money and everyone knows money is the root of all evil therefore the root of all evil squared = money squared = women So we simplify this to come out with women=evil QED

Technically, the proverb is that "The love of money is the root of all evil". And so it is not women, but the love of women, that is evil.

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No man is going to react well to your plans to spend his money.

He won't react well to staying home with the child while she works instead either. Cough up the cash once in a while, make your WIFE feel loved and than you can go back to 'spending your cash' on your own shit repeatedly while she raises your child.

taking this a little seriously.

#114 Maybe just maybe she should ask if its okay for her to buy new clothes with HIS money... I can tell you are the kinda woman guys should avoid

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