By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I told my husband I want to lose the baby weight I put on with my recent pregnancy, and once I succeed I will go on a clothes shopping spree. To this he remarked, "So either way I'm spending money; either on food or on clothes." FML
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By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Well, the man has a point, unless it would definitely be your own money you would spend on clothes. Besides, why would you need to go on a shopping spree? Surely you'd have a selection of clothes from before you were pregnant that would fit when you lose the baby weight, and you could buy a couple of new things as a reward for being able to lose the weight. Unless you used the word spree as an exaggeration.

  GoingLesbian  |  0

Yes, yes I do.

I'd rather raise my child, our child, than go to work tooooo... what... hmm what is that now... oh I remember!

PAY for someone ELSE unrelated to my family whatsoever to raise my child for me.

No thanks.

  GoingLesbian  |  0

Considering full time daycare where I come from is about $1,100 a month. That's my take home working 40 hour weeks. I see my child for a few hours a day to have no money left over? or be in the sane financial situation and see, feed, raise, teach and live with my son everyday.

That's a toughy!

  meteor_stream  |  9

I just hope that you and your child are not a huge financial strain to your significant other one (in case you have them).
Providing for two people, one of whom is extremely high-maintenance, is kinda....stressful.

  FYLDeep  |  25

women = time x money
so we substitute here
women = money x money
and everyone knows
money is the root of all evil
the root of all evil squared = money squared = women
So we simplify this to come out with

  GoingLesbian  |  0

He won't react well to staying home with the child while she works instead either.

Cough up the cash once in a while, make your WIFE feel loved and than you can go back to 'spending your cash' on your own shit repeatedly while she raises your child.