By fuck yuo - 01/09/2012 20:50 - Canada - Saint John's

Today, my clumsiness has reached such legendary proportions in my family, that when I visited my grandparents, I found they'd put stickers all over their glass doors, so I wouldn't have "yet another painful accident". FML
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Psych101 9

If OP was on that show, don't you think OP would be... you know... dead?


loserboii 11

Sounds like you would be on A Thousand Ways To Die

Psych101 9

If OP was on that show, don't you think OP would be... you know... dead?

Nah, either on Tosh or Country fried home videos. "Here's your sign...."

But everyone I've ever seen one that show had it coming. On a related-ish note: Why are people hitting the "You deserve it" button?

OhDearBetrayal 25

64- It's for her own safety, that's why. If she's clumsy, it was a thoughtful thing on her grandparents part to do that.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :). Hope your okay after the accident OP. :(

deadxwedding84 5

Actually what doesn't kill you horribly scars you for life.

It's what doesn't kill you usually succeeds a second time.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, unless you become a vegetable.

Whatever doesn't kill you will come back around and get ya next time.

L is a letter! Yay! *claps* Edit: disregard this comment, the original comment was deleted.

So that glass door I walked into on my way to take pictures at my moms wedding made me stronger? Haha. It's ok OP it happens sometimes, I was like 9 when it happened to me.

Unless something is wrong with you, you learn from your mistakes. So in a way what doesn't kill you, could make you wiser, making you stronger. Had to contradict the thread. :D

What doesn't kill you can leave you in a paraplegic state.

So 50, what you're saying is that if somebody gets hit in the head from a falling rock and almost diss but instead just suffers severe memory loss, they've actually become wiser? Sorry, I just felt like continuing the thread.

What doesn't kill you only prevents the inevitable.

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

Am I the only think of Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger"?

Whatever doesn't kill you, just hasn't finished the job.

Prodigy7 4

60, that makes no goddam sense.

weasel123 9

What doesn't kill you leaves you vulnerable for a second attack.

I bet; What doesn't kill you, it didn't intend to.... Coz if it did then it would have killed you!!

Osito2011 9

What doesn't kill you, will try try again

Those glass doors will get you if your not careful

For the love of mother earth.. YOU'RE. I swear people are doing this on purpose now...

Reminds me of the (windex?) commercial with the birds that go for the pie and hit the window.

Try paying a little attention to your surroundings.

you're about to get slammed by at least 5 grammar nazi's.

5- *You're a failure. 11- *You're *Grammar *Nazis.

Psych101 9

I can't tell if 11 edited his comment, or if 15 is an idiot.

He didn't edit it. He just can't capitalize or pluralize properly, hence the corrections. And it was all tongue-in-cheek, you over-sensitive wusses.

Sorry, ran out of time. I was wrong, he was just freaking out over capitalization.

Psych101 9

27- Okay thanks. I was looking for the usual improper use of your/you're and misspelling of grammar (grammer). I didn't even think about capitalization.

25- You aren't supposed to start a sentence with 'and'.

Why does that f*ck your life? They're looking out for you.

Pfft, I'd still run into it. I'm that accident prone.

And then the windex crows would laugh at you.

they probably dont want you to ruin their doors..

When you get clumsy, you should stop being clumsy and start being awesome instead. True story.

FYL OP, but don't feel bad some people are just clumsier than others.