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Today, my boyfriend called me explaining that he is getting married this weekend to a woman he met on Craigslist. Why? Because I won't marry him, and he'll make an extra thousand dollars per month having a wife since he is in the army. FML
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Greedy little asshat, you are probably better off without him since he obviously values money over a relationship, honor, self-respect... etc. Look on the bright side. He'll probably catch a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases if he sleeps with her and considering she is off craigslist, he's taking a huge risk.


no, really it is not. Think about this. The final result of good relationship is wife/husband, correct? If she doesnt want to marry him, the relationship is pointless is it not? maybe shes not ready yet or something, but obviously he is.

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Obviously he is ready to have an extra grand a month.

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I second #1. Girl, you're better off without him.

I actually no a few people that got married to go up a pay grade. But not complete strangers though.

@ thatwasobvious/#17: I really dislike that philosophy. Marriage is not the ultimate goal of any relationship. There are couples who just never get married, but still have happy lives together. Besides, OP didn't say she would NEVER marry her boyfriend, just that she wouldn't marry him now. @ OP: That's really unforgivable, because he should have talked to you about it first. I get that this is a financial marriage to him, but you don't just get married- for whatever reason- behind your girlfriend's back. I'm not sure if you guys are staying together or not, but I do hope you've dumped his greedy ass. But I do NOT get how being married while in the army increases your pay by that much. Like an extra grand a month? That's a $12000 per year increase, which is a pretty hefty raise just for getting married.

It depends on where you're stationed and whether you live on or off base... Before I married my husband he made about $2000 a month and after we were married he almost made $4000 a month...his pay went up, we were stationed in Germany, so after we were married the Army also paid us a certain amount to cover our rent and utilities which was a lot higher than our rent actually cost, and his COLA (Cost of living allowance) increased as well, because the Dollar-Euro exchange rate was so bad... Unfortunately a lot of people get married for military benefits...

If my GF refused to marry me id move on too

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in response to #39 (i clicked the wrong spot) you get the raise because you may have to move around a lot (since youre in the army) and if you travel a lot, your spouse has to quit their job and find a new one. you get a raise because you have to support two people instead of one because your spouse cant always have a steady/ long-term job, thats also why military personnel also get a raise for each child they have to support. however im unsure of how they determine how much you get.

no you do NOT get extra money for each child you have. We have 2 kids and still get the same BAH (base assisted housing) that we got when we were married. The only time the amount of money changes is when you move. you will get more money living in san diego than you would living in po' dunk Ga.

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makes sense i'd marry someone for $1000 extra a month

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There is pay with dependents and pay without. Once you are married, you get paid for dependents. You also get a housing allowance since you can't live in the barracks anymore - or base housing for "free" instead. Kids dont get you anymore. The actual amount varies by location. And yes, it's pretty common. And divorce isn't near as common either, but I see a lot of "legally separated" people where the spouse is no where in the picture, but they still get the same pay.

Yeah, same thing happened to me. Expect I would've married him. I was living a small drive away, but his chick probably works with him. It's ridiculous. Sorry, for real. :/

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They won't stop the marriage, but they can not pay him.

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They have to pay him. Its called bah and bas... ur coming off stupid so.... just sit quietly.

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I know this is old but seriously #15 yes they can do something to him. It's called fraud. Educate yourself and look it up. Before you call people a tard and tell them to sit quietly.

Lulz, if he gets caught he'll be in big trouble. They are really cracking down on that kind of stuff!

they can't deny him the money or anything. if they're living together as man and wife and it wasn't a citizenship scam, there is nothing the army can or will do except pay him. i was in the navy until recently and saw this all the time. when you're making MAYBE $2000/month, marriage and an extra $1000 starts to look pretty good. i'm just proud of myself for avoiding that BS...

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and how would they know the op isn't just a jealous, crazy bitch? Think before you post people

seriously? Are you stupid? there are more and more people getting kicked out of the military for BAH fraud b/c they marry for the wrong reasons. I know several people in the Navy and in the Army that have gotten kicked out b/c of situations like this. it's bullcrap and I hope that he gets caught and kicked out of the military. B/c I personally do NOT want some idiot that doesn't care about anyone but himself overseas. This just shows that he's only out for himself

I can see why your stupid, posting a comment like that.

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Oh, I dunno. The rest of your life might be a pretty big deal.

Oh come on, statistically speaking, it'd be over before they knew it anyway. :P

People like you are the reason the divorce rate is so high...

What's the big ******* deal? The love of my life's life has been totally ****** up because he did that when he was 18, just married his girlfriend because it would be more money and shit. Now he's stuck in a miserable, loveless marriage and we can't be together because the divorce would financially ruin him. It IS a big deal.

I'm sorry, but I think you should leave the guy if he won't leave his wife (might be different if he has kids) because of financial reasons. Sounds like a BS excuse to keep his wife and his mistress.

Greedy little asshat, you are probably better off without him since he obviously values money over a relationship, honor, self-respect... etc. Look on the bright side. He'll probably catch a whole host of sexually transmitted diseases if he sleeps with her and considering she is off craigslist, he's taking a huge risk.

wait i thought craigslist was for selling stuff not getting married? you dont sell your hand in marriage on craigslist? and how would you even know what that person is like? why would you get married to somebody you don't even know? sounds like some kinda bull crap he's pulling on her to get a break up.

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there's a part of craigslist that is for meeting people/hook ups/whatever you call it.

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TELL UNCLE SAM. And let him enjoy his craigslist STDs.

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