By Anonymous - 9/11/2020 06:01 - Pakistan - Islamabad

Pompous twat

Today, this guy who I thought was my friend said that my "existence is of minimal consequence," and that I'm "an individual I clearly don't acknowledge." All this after he'd said, "I'm not trying to hurt you." FML
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  coius  |  23

If it’s a female in a culture where they are treated badly (I don’t know if pakistan is like that or not) this could be a deadly response. Tbh, the “friend” should be tossed aside and they should find a different friend that supports them. No one should stay with bad toxic friends. Thats not a friend, thats an enemy.

By  Grizz8831  |  13

sounds like he is in the spectrum. chances are if you have been friends a long time it is such a norm for him he doesn't understand things would change. coupled with not being able to quite understand the meaning/ consequences of his words. talk to him and get it figured out... my brother is similar

  coius  |  23

Could be a cultural thing to. Different societies have different taboos. Certain things like sugarcoating is looked down upon in society, so responses like this may be very common. Not saying it’s right, but society does dictate how conservative people handle things.