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  danii_s2  |  6

your life is fucked more then anyone can imagine. I hope ur having therapy & finding ways to deal with this situation you've been put in. chances are you can't/it's too difficult to change the ways of your family, but there are coping strategies out there.

  bluebladez  |  6

Lol Oh......My........God!!!! if that happened to me I would get my father pissed drunk till he passes out. Put my mom on sleeping meds and put the kids on redelin for the hyperness.

  epiccarrot  |  6

by the end of this OP and his/ her mom will only be left, the Kids will scream while the dad is hungover making the dad pissed off so he kills the kids making op'smom sad and then all of a sudden angry and then she will kill the dad and then be sad again. HAVE FUN OP!

  Krajjan  |  6

I've dealt with this situation while on vacation with my ex-girlfriend's family. It's quite simple. Go on a walk with your dad in the woods, get him piss drunk, and run back to the cabin when he isn't looking. Tell your mom he wandered off drunk and she needs to search for him before he falls off a cliff and dies. Give the kids a bundle of firecrackers and five bucks each so they'll go outside and piss off everyone else for a change. Lock door, ????, profit!

  ThinIce  |  6

You know what's the funny thing about this FML? It's that this would be a perfect time to be left at home, like all the other FMLs about vacation hah

  briannak91  |  6

wow, I can't believe just how nasty some people are! like seriously, yerh sure there are people that are in worse circumstances than this person, but who are you to turn around and say shit like that. I'd rather have a dead father than watch him drink himself to sleep every night. great one saying run away too, where would they run too on vacation.... away from there home, possibly away from friends and other family! what happens if the mother or father caught them.... think first!

  bricksta_op  |  6

sounds like my family. but we went on a cruise to Bahamas with 2 cabins, one for me and the other for them. but step father is an alcoholic and my mom's insane lol we should hang out. and I got the weed in the Bahamas.

  amerrah  |  6

im on a two week road trip with a bipolar mom, mental challenged brother who doesnt listen, bratty little sister, and a grandma who only wants to gamble. beat ya.

  threer  |  6

#99, I wouldn't. I doubt you understand. I don't see my father much and my step-father once drunk himself to sleep almost every night, but I wouldn't ever want a dead father instead of this. They're both my daddies and I love them regardless.

  epiccarrot  |  7

still, 31 your a pedophile. go on a dating website and meet someone your age. if you want someone young, look at all the Botox filled faces you could pick from. that's about as close as you will get, good luck.

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