By twofade - 24/10/2018 23:00 - United States

Today, after a year and a half of growing out my hair, I decided to get it trimmed at a Superclips. I walked in with a full head of hair and I left bald. At least it was free. FML
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Definitely need a follow up



Definitely need a follow up

"Just a trim, please. I want to get rid of the split ends." "Alrighty." *starts up hair clippers* "Your scissors are making a weird noise. Are you sure you know what you're doing?" "Do you want this free haircut, or not?" "...Yes, please..." *continuous buzzing noise* "FML..."

@BurninDesire, you crack me up.

Are you trying to get me to change my user name, or was that a Freudian slip?

Nikki K 10

who did you go see, Edward Scissorhands ?!

Edward Scissorshand knew what he was doing

whiskey'swino 15

I admire giving to Locks of Love, but that does not entail shaving a head. St. Baldricks is a few months away... sooo.... whhattttttt

Friends don’t let friends go to Superclips.

At least you passed your drug test, Britney. “Leave Britney alone!!!”

SaltyLurker 10

Hey how do people keep track of comment numbers (like hey #13), do they count them or what?

I'm sorry, I down voted you by accident 😣

You're only seeing this with much older FMLs, right? The comments used to be numbered before the site was revamped two years ago.

Superclips!? I wouldn't let those people pet my dog let alone groom him...

No follow-up required, never go to Supercuts unless you know a specific hairdresser that is working there!