By Anonymous - 31/01/2013 05:40 - United States - Fairfield

Today, I was driving around with a few friends when one of them suggested we go in to an insurance company's office and sing their jingle. I'm an awful singer, so I was planning on lip syncing. Everyone else had the same idea. FML
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That must've been awkward on a whole new level ...

Well, lucky for you that you didn't sing out loud. If you were the only one... xD


Well, lucky for you that you didn't sing out loud. If you were the only one... xD

That must've been awkward on a whole new level ...

I feel bad laughing at them. It sounds SO awkward. I can easily imagine it though. YDI, especially the friend that suggested it.

Leader "And a three, two, one.." Group"................."

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3- Not bashing you at all, but I always saw fit to count up :) Just an opinion. "And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three -" Maybe it's just me.

28- That's what musicians do, thought you'd know (you need a 4, also).

#20 jeez dont be rude i thought that was funny....grumpy

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Actually most jazz people leave out the 4 and usually you here a pop from the drums on that beat. If no drums you might hear something else but its probably not a 4

#20 = The Grumpy Cat of FML. Hi, FML-Tard.

Well if it's in three four you don't need the four.

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Don't suggest a dumb idea and not go through with it. YDI.

Technically he/she did go through with his/her idea.

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It says one of the friends suggested it, not the OP. The OP was probably just dragged along with them.

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#4 if I have a dumb idea I usually prefer not to go through with it...

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I was thinking the same thing #40. I think there are plenty of dumb ideas you cant go through with because if you do go through, you'll probably end up hurt or in trouble.

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That is a hilarious image though, a bunch of rag-tag lip-synchers who aren't even singing the song in-sync since they can't hear each other, and the people at the office just seeing a bunch of people mime in awkward disorder.

______________ i was lip syncing the first part

I can only imagine the awkward silence that followed this, at least you didn't sing, you would of been the only one!

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They should have let you sing. Most insurances do cover bleeding from the ears!