By Anonymous - 31/1/2013 05:40 - United States - Fairfield
Today, I was driving around with a few friends when one of them suggested we go in to an insurance company's office and sing their jingle. I'm an awful singer, so I was planning on lip syncing. Everyone else had the same idea. FML
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  WeaselBee42  |  6

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  ise3  |  10

Actually most jazz people leave out the 4 and usually you here a pop from the drums on that beat. If no drums you might hear something else but its probably not a 4

  siickman  |  7

I was thinking the same thing #40. I think there are plenty of dumb ideas you cant go through with because if you do go through, you'll probably end up hurt or in trouble.

By  Pleonasm  |  34

That is a hilarious image though, a bunch of rag-tag lip-synchers who aren't even singing the song in-sync since they can't hear each other, and the people at the office just seeing a bunch of people mime in awkward disorder.