By Anonymous - 29/12/2020 20:01

Ring of fire

Today, after a particularly nasty shit, I decided to do one extra pass with a diaper wipe. What I didn't realize was that my wife had refilled the normal container with a pack of Clorox wipes by mistake. My asshole has never burned so fiercely in my 30+ years of life as it did in those following moments. FML
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By  ViviMage  |  38

That is on your wife not to use the wrong container to refill, exactly for this reason!

I've heard of the man that thought he was using eye drops and poured bleach into his eyes because the wife filled the eye dropper bottle with bleach to deal with foot fungus.
Bleach does not belong on or in your body.

I hope you flushed your backside with lots of clean water to get the bleach off before it hurts your inner plumbing!