By Crumpet - 25/06/2010 07:08 - Canada

Today, I realized that when my boyfriend said, "I'll love you forever" what he really meant was, "I'll love you until I meet your significantly more attractive sister." FML
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i'm sick of all the boyfriend FMLs gtfo I want to hear about how you flashed people at the beach and you have pics to prove it. GOD!

Uhh duhh, you always go for the hotter sister. Don't be mad cause your ugly OP, guys don't like ugly cry baby bitches.

he's keeping it in the family, good for him

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Haha OP, Im from BC too. I guess it's not "The most beautiful place on earth" anymore with you around is it... but you're not the one to blame. Your family's gene pool hates you.

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Men are vain douchebags. I would know.

ROFLMFAOOL AT 15's pic. THAT'S CRUEL YO! look at all them cans next to ur "bong" lol jk 

well, if he got you then he wouldn't even be in your sister's league. so no worries! it will fail horribly.

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Aw that sucks but you'll find a better guy for you!

yup guys prefer the hot chick everyone else is after & is most likely to cheat on your ass because for sure you aren't the "hot brother" or hottest thing around so sry try again stupid jerk. -Ł

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Haha I know we're all sort of ******** on OP here, but I kinda do feel bad for OP... Besides, in the long run, beautiful faces get wrinkled, nice asses go flat and breasts start to sag. OP, keep your head up. It's hard to find a guy these days that will prioritize personality in his standards, but guys like that do exist. Sorry to hear that your boyfriend wasn't one of them. It's unfortunate how "all the nice guys are ugly, all the good-looking guys are assholes and all the good-looking nice guys are gay". There's actually a lot of truth in that lololol....

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would your sister really do that to you?

hahaha all the nice good looking guys are gay lmao!! but yea op what he said is true but one day the perfect guy is going to walking in to ur life and sweep you off your feet and then u will no why it never worked with anyone else! keep going girl :)

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FML is starting to suck.... alot

72, I have to agree about the amazingness of your picture. that poor girl looks terrified though haha.

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72's picture tells a story. The two of them drank all that beer by themselves. Then, when these tanks decided that they just weren't "feelin it", they took a 3 foot bong and smoked a full half-pound of MJ. And as you can see, the girl is tripping balls and the guy is just enjoying life. After this photo was taken, the girl decides that the camera flash was too trippy and starts to green out. However, the guy enjoying his free ride doesn't notice his friends stomach rumble. She then proceeds to puke in his crotch. "Cheers! To the nights we can never remember with the friends we can never forget!!" ... am I in the ball park ? :)

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Damm lololol dude! You be writing novels on here! Thas respect tho. *Pink ring clack*

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109, dude I don't even know why I'm commenting so much... I had no sleep last night. And FML stories just seem more trippy because Im so tired... and the urge to comment is just too strong..

haha yeah i think it was close enough

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he prolly still loves u he just wants the hotter sister shit that's what I would do

ha my bf would always tell me how hot my sister is and how big of a crush he had on her

hey jgood... u r the shit!! I ******* love ur pic!!!

116 get over him then and take me. ;)

15 picture win. and op, the guy would be awesome in my book if he bagged you both. giggity giggity

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op I feel for you- I'm in the same boat. but she's going off to college in another state soon so life will be good :)

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Sam, I'd take that offer if I were you. Tacos do make me go omg after all. :P

well Raleigh tacos are pretty delicious

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this reminds me of Pretty Little Liars...

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144- I agree but I think the older sister on PLL is much prettier. that british guy is hott as he'll with a sexy accent :)

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That's a disturbing picture -.-

omg can't agree more with 64 op u'll find someone better and don't stress it. there r plenty boys out there with better personality and appreciate things other than looks

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to 64: that is why we keep it in the family and go for the significantly YOUNGER sister.

If you can't lie you'll never get anywhere in life, look at Barack Obama, he lied and became president :D

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hey 143. nice socks. I like a well striped girl.

YES!!!!! threadjacking is allowed again!!

niiiice good for him, sounds like her sister knows how to get a guy

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hahaa he can always have both!

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time for girls to judge an entire gender based on one man's actions...

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is ur last name kardashian?

duhh people she might not even be ugly... her sister is just hotter than her and not to mention siblings have a close resemblance!

ok why do I only see a guy with a rubber glove on with his middle finger up? is this an optical illusion that I have to stare at to see the girl and the bong? OP I would have beat the hell out of my sister and then slept with the ex boyfriends best friend- or his significantly hotter brother.

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agree with #9 hahaa u speak da truthh

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Well even though it hurts... better now than later. You deserve someone way better than that vain mother of a pickle. Hopefully you'll find someone better that *loves you for you and not only for your looks. Hope your sister didn't take him up on his offer. Sorry mysteriously anonymous Crumpet person. :)

39, you sexist, not every guy is like that and girls have their flaws, too

211: Sisterhood =/= automatic resemblance. However, confidence often = attractiveness, so maybe the bf was tuned into and turned off by OP's inferiority issues.

I'm sorry op. Your bf sounds like a jerk and your sister is a backstabbing bitch if she is dating him now. Things will get better. You're better off. Keep your head up.

Abercrombie wearing ****, BOOM!!! In yo face!!!

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that's actually abercrombie and fitch...

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why do you degrade yourself by flashing off your clevage for the whole world to see. you look like a pretty girl, and don't need to be labeled as something your not. pervs like this guy will get boners, and beat to the sight of you really want that?

pingpongpickle 8

I went in abercrombie once. Scariest moment of my life. I have never seen so many girls I wanted to hit or people with popped collars that I wanted to fix.

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I like how all of their stuff has moose

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91-i couldn't agree more. and it has such a strong scent, and loud music. i get a headach from that shit. haahah

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Haha 91, I too went in abercrombie once. A big, half-naked black guy said "Haw YOO doin'?" and slapped me on my ass. I felt so violated omfg.

pingpongpickle 8

hahah that's scary..hmm the abercrombie i go to doesn't smell, doesn't play music, and no big black guys. lucky me

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Lol and also, their stuff is so over-priced. I prefer hollister. Less half-naked greeters that assume that all guys who walk into A&F is gay too... And hollister fragrances smell pretty nice :)

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Gahh, I work at A&F. :| My store is a lot different than the ones you guys are describing though. :P

105- weird last I heard Abercrombie and Fitch were in trouble because they don't hire black people. Maybe you accidently wandered into a gay dance club?

some would say i'm a big, black guy, but fortunately, i haven't showed up in any abercrombie & fitch stores. :] |the kid|

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Damn new guy your a ****** stud. But thas respect tho. *Pinky ring clack*

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yeaa hollister and aeropostale is tha shiiiiii . i like A&F though. but aero and hco is better .

142 i challenge you to an arm wrestle :] (ill go easy on you)

wow. just wow. I'm glad I don't have a sister.

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if you did, she'd be way less hotter than you

I have a dollar so can I get 10 kisses?

I'm going to call you out everytime u post something like this you fat fag! ^^^ fat pervert!!!!^^^^

fat lol? look who's trying to be cool over the Internet. just because I'm not 100lbs doesn't mean i'm fat.

pingpongpickle 8

not nice :..( no fighting please. My horse's show name is Ten Cents A Kiss. I'm sure she will be happy to give you 10 kisses for even as little as a carrot.

I can't think of a witty comment..**** it, I'll explain it like a've got some muscle, but you've got fat on top..nobody would care if you weren't perverted, but since you are, you're going to get bashed. and as for that guy acting cool..acting cool online is a helluva lot better then acting like a damn creeper.

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106 how am I being a creeper? because #3 has her boobs out for everyone to see? and also her name is tencentsakiss, I was simply asking a question.

dude get the **** over it your a total salad dodger. put some shoes on go outside and run a few miles every day. you'll lose wieght in no time. or just continent to lie about having muscle over the Internet...

continue*... damn auto correct fafp

101- hahaha "it's called being muscular"? really no it's called being a fat creeper that dosent comment on anything other than if it's A. sexual or B. a pic of a girl with her boobs showing... so there for ur a fat virgin pervert... just saying!

77 he is being such a perv and it piss me off sorry... I just hate seeing girls disrespected like this I'm sticking up for y'all and y'all are like WTF man lol make up it mind ladys :)

No it's the fact that you're probably 200 pounds that makes you fat. Yes, yes, I know that you're going to look at my picture and conclude that I'm a twig made of noodles, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that you are on the fatter spectrum of average human weight, no matter what you try to tell yourself on the internet. Also, are you saying that anything over 100 pounds is fat? Because I'm pretty sure a lot of people will find that offensive...

I'm still laughing at iRyan for saying "it's called being muscular" hahaha the only muscular part of his body is prob his hands from wacking off and his fingers from playing video games hahaha this guy is a fat funny pervert :D

106 I'm not trying to look cool I just HAtE it when guys disrespect girls like he has been doing nothing more nothing less

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oh yeah you hate when girls get disrespected? shut the **** up you want to look cool or something god you're an asshole the guy doesn't look fat from his picture. he wasn't even very offensive but seriously way to act like a real douche.

^^^ if you have ever read any fml comment pages before you would no that this guy only comments if there is a preatty girl a sexual comment or cleavage involed... im just calling the guy out on it but Its cool of u to stick up for the guy that you have aparently never seen any off his post so u are uneducatedly defending a perv.... and if u think I'm trying to look cool on line ok sure that's what it is il say that If it helps you sleep at night.. but really dude if ur going to try and put me down or anyone else down on here no what you are talking about 1st otherwise it makes you look dumb... have a nice day :-)

ahahahachagxvmbahah 234 pwnes nice comeback

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Glad all my sisters are married, #4 and OP. Me and my man have been lucky enough to have our relationship last for 5 years!

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He may have a point but he's still a douche :P

Well now maybe he'll love your sister forever? It is ok though I'm sure you'll be able to see him often!