By sadlife - 09/07/2009 18:50 - Canada

Today, I opened my lunch in front of my friends at university. I had a note in my lunch from my mother that said "Have a good day sweetie! - Love mom". I wrote that note, and put it in my lunch to impress my friends. FML
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Shock98 0

how is that supposed to impress them?

Uhhh...why? If anything, they'd make fun of you for that.


Shock98 0

how is that supposed to impress them?

this reminds me of something that should be on

cartering 0

How does showing your friends your immature and not capable of packing your own lunch, even though you are at university, impress them? If you do that at any university I've ever heard of, all that would happen is that you would become the laughing stock of the entire campus

Wow, this is hysterical. How long has MLIA been around?

I agree. It would go perfectly on MLIA. My first thought (with it being on FML) was "WTF that would make most college students laugh at you and think you can't even make your own lunch!" and then I realized it just said "university" and not "my university", which means OP is probably not from the US. Then I thought about how when I visited Germany people lived at home and went to university from their homes and often ate with their families for lunch. Maybe it's a cultural thing. Still, it's sad you felt the need to write it, having no one who cared to write it for you, OP. FYL.

Omg, that's so awesome, I had no idea it was an actual site, my life is now complete...

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i can't believe someone finally posted a normal comment for the first post

#80, if you like, there's also My Life Is G - :D

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i just went to that's awesome =D

NatandAlexrhot 6

agreed with number one. no one is impressed by that unless your in kindergarden

And that means what? I'm Canadian. Do you automatically categorize me as stupid too? Idiot. Just because one person is a little whacked doesn't mean the whole friggin country is.

235- Wait, you mean to tell me not every American is a fat, gun toting redneck?

104- Canadians aren't stupid, I am one, I should know. ******* idiotic bitch.

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How is this an FML if you put it in there?

lalaimbored 0

I think this is an FML beacause to impress his friends, that is what he has to do. like he hangs out with the type of people that would think that him having a note from his mom is cool.

lalaimbored 0

Uhhh...why? If anything, they'd make fun of you for that.

theoceanscool 0

Haha! I know, right? And i think that's pretty lame, writing a note to yourself.

Is it me or do people get dumber by the day?

TheATeam 0

Mother ******, I saw this with no comments and went on my comp right away to be first, then these bitches beat me

sexymessy 0

The fact that being the first post pisses you off that much, It's almost as pathetic as the OP. OP:I don't see how that would make you cool, i mean it would be sweet of your mom but I don't know about "cool" LOL.

thelonelylurker 0

Hahahahaha. Yeah - how would this impress anyone?

Hahahahahahahaha. Ohhh. My sides hurt now.

wooooow lol pwned! Here I was trying to think of something smart to say but you totally won it good job :P

CousinSkeeter 0

#8 doesn't win. JK. #8 FTW

sexymessy 0

LMAO @8 that was a definite WIN!!! The FML now makes sense!!

wow, I almost pissed my pants on that one. ahaha

sydsayslol 0

#8- you have won everything i own.


I'm in tears of laughter, thanks for that! :D :D :D

UrFlyyness 0

I think the fact that #8 just won everything u own, is the funniest thing I've heard all day!! LOL!

Lol, you just made this fml a thousand times funnier x3

dancercuity922 0

I HATE it when people do something completely idiotic, yet deliberate and intentional then say their life is ******. Its your own damn fault!

I agree. Maybe their lives wouldn't be ****** if they didn't intentionally act pathetic.

zee209 0

How would that impress them?! You're in college, not second grade.

i know, right. its really gay that she did that. lmao

I think using the word gay, and not actually meaning happy, or a guy that likes guys is more stupid than what the OP did.

wouldn't that be embarassing?!well not as embarassing as the person who made another facebook account so they could be friends with their self.