By Anonymous - 03/12/2010 03:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend informed me that he can't remember the last time he took a shower. He then told me he doesn't see the "need" of taking showers. FML
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Tell him you don't see the "need" in giving him blowjobs.

perdix 29

Yes, but can he SMELL the "need" to take showers?


Your boyfriend has the right idea. Savour the stench.

Stop cleaning your vag and brushing your teeth. If he doesn't start showering the dump him. I hate when people say that over little things but comon not showering? Guys would be saying the same thing if it was a girl. Or just throw buckets of soapy water on him and start scrubbing.

lol uhh so he doesn't smell like a foot? I like the romantic bath idea. trap him!

YDI for dating a hobo

What's the point of complaining about this? You should live back in the year of 1- to whatever soap was invented. Be happy it's not 6 billion people "smelling" bad. So, f. your bf's life. Since you don't have the guts to talk to him about it, nor show any emotion/hint/ body motives.

Karma495 0

eww what if she wanted sex!?!? what would she do cuz that thing is dirty!

iSitt 0

and op didn't notice he doesn't shower when they first met? how many dates until he became her bf? ydi.

if she wanted sex, then that would bring the literal meaning out of "doing the dirty".

Perfect way to ask him for a romantic bath :)

wouldn't be too romantic when he smells like shittt. /:

Flammin8 0

haha round 2 for the romantic bath!

Tell him you don't see the "need" in giving him blowjobs.

I like that idea lol

hahaha A+

bman134 0

so showers = blowjobs I like the way u think

BeRealz 0

Well, then.. Find someone else? Or threat him you'll leave him. /: Only if it matters that badly.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

That's pretty nasty... you should surprise attack him with soap and water when he's sleeping... he might get the point. Or just break up....

The easiest answer, but who wants that

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

What, the attack? Or breaking up?

Breaking up of course. Assault with dangerous, scented products would naturally be more difficult I presumed.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

I'm leaning more toward the surprise attack.. sounds like fun.

Like I said, who wants the easy answer.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

I think breaking up would be a bit more difficult.. who knows if it's just a phase and how long they've been dating. Oh well.

Hm... Well I wouldn't know

I think u should tell him that since he believes showers are an option, then u believe sex is one too

ErroRnazi 0

Spelling 31103.

um sex IS an option

perdix 29

Yes, but can he SMELL the "need" to take showers?

Anosmia is no excuse to not shower...

It can be for the few people who does not understand the feeling of "disgusted by smell".

^Or simply considered as selfish person.^

Euphemism, your comments and your profile make my head hurt. Doc: ZING!

well Christmas is coming up so why not get him a brand new shower nozzle and some condoms and tell him "you can use the condoms when you use my other present"

Something about this story smells fishy.

Yeah. Stink much? Any danger of Op realising this douche's lack of hygiene before going out with him?

salsalover_12 5

here's what you do OP you wait outside his house with the waterhose and a bar of soap in hand after you've made sure you have your hose and your soap throw the then spray him with the waterhose if this sounds too extreme tell him you dont see the need for bj's