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I've had that happen while I was on vacation and my hamster escaped and was eaten by my cat and the pet sitter didn't even notice anything was wrong and just kept on feeding the hamster until I got home and found the little guy under my bed with maggots all in my and extra long sentence ftw

  aardvarkish  |  15

"Creeper" makes me think of Gollem creeping up on that fish he eats raw. Otherwise, "Creepers!" an expression from the 50's expressing surprise. In the 70's, a "Creep" was a guy that no girl who knew better would date.

I guess now, we bring the word full circle, but with a meaning of "stalker". OK, whatever. It's still dumb.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

ok, I think it's fine when ppl tell others to take their "flirting" and "you're hot" comments elsewhere, that's what pm is for. but to call out someone by saying "you're a creep" for simply complimenting someone for their looks is unecessary. it's just a compliment.

  Desuhhray  |  0

stop pretending your dacey. she's my friend, and she doesn't have an fml account. that myspace you have on your profile isn't even her real myspace. ugh, poser.

  pvthill  |  0

I hate cats waste of space on earth and fuk the egyptians and their pyramids and their hyroglyphics on the wall worshiping cats and cats don't have 9 live I killed one just to see and cats are the devil and the devil fuks sadam housaine or however it's spelled o and one more thing why would u let an animal shit in the house then clean it up and not get mad

  Fuckme19  |  0

I don't know what would be worse,, having a dead mouse with maggots all over it,, or the mouse still living and having a bunch of baby mice. fyl OP

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

Raleigh, I'm never wrong.(:
My grandmunmy's cat was berzerk. It would slap me and hiss at me.): T'was scary. All the dogs I've ever had were dosile, mellow, friendly creatures... unlike the devil kitty.
= =
Plus, you never hear about a crazy dog lady, do ye? (;

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Taylor, if you've never been wrong before I'm afraid you're wrong now. (:
Maybe your grandma's cat didn't like you because you did something to it to cause it's berserk behavior?
And if you let a cat pimp slap you and hiss at you, then that means you actually got dominated by that pussy and it's behavior was the last thing you needed to worry about. :]

Also, I've never heard about a crazy dog lady; but what does a person owning a lot of dogs have to do with dogs being better with cats? :P

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

Haha. Raleigh, I was only 4 when her kitty was alive. It was evil though! It bitch slapped me. HARD. Haha I have a video of her slapping me. I wanted to put it on YouTube and make the kitty say "I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!" But I can't find the cassette. ):

Oh, and dogs don't make old ladies crazy.... cats do.

Although, I do like lions. I wish I could have a lion cub. They look so cute.(:


  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

NO TAYLOR, this argument will never end. :|
You have to find that video and put it on Youtube, so I can watch you get dominated by that kitty. :P
But instead of it saying "I'm Rick James, bitch!" you should make it say "FUCK YO COUCH!", aha. :]
Also, you must have been a mean four year old for a nice, harmless kitty to want to bitch slap and hate you.
I think any animal has the potential to make old ladies crazy. But I must say, I do know of a lady who died down the road from me because she never fed her cats; and they ended up eating her alive. 0.o Or so the story goes..
A lion cub? It would kill you. :/
I want a penguin.