By Poorman - / Sunday 11 December 2011 01:03 / United Kingdom
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  Ionodemon1995  |  0

But it might be Michael Jackson, so if then, suck his dick whilst acting like an 8 year old.

  MuziKMajoR  |  5

Tell him or her "hail to my balls mother fuker"

By  TitaniaSilk  |  4

So do what he suggested! Just suck it up!

  lysx84  |  24

Apologies for ignorance here, what is an "at will state"? OP is in the UK, can I go right ahead an assume the post above is idiotic and irrelevant?

By  DocBastard  |  38

Just tell everyone in the office that "Hail to the King" actually means "Go fuck yourself, you pretentious twat". Then you can all say it as much as you want.

  bamagrl410  |  31

142 - Usually before an x-ray you're asked to remove metal from the area being x-rayed. That would include a cock ring, so I'm not so sure that's what that is.

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