By Poorman - 11/12/2011 01:03 - United Kingdom

Today, our new boss showed up for his first day of work. I thought I'd seen it all, but he demands that we say "Hail to the King" every time he passes through the office. When I called HR about it, the guy on the other end told me to "man up and deal with it". FML
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desireev 17

**** that!!! I'd tell him to shove it!! FYL


desireev 17

**** that!!! I'd tell him to shove it!! FYL

His boss might be Elvis. If so, then man up.

Ionodemon1995 0

But it might be Michael Jackson, so if then, suck his dick whilst acting like an 8 year old.

enonymous 8

Duke Nukem got an office job?!?

Tell him or her "hail to my balls mother *****"

n_epic_fail 14

**** his wife/girlfriend, see who's king then...

RawrScreamedTheC 6

My teacher wanted his class to call him "greatness".

Muslimgal92 0

Where is number #1? What sorcery is this :O

Acts of treason may be the answer! Down with the king and off with his head!!!

Tell him you'll hail the king when his wife "salutes your captin" ;)


what kind of ******* comment is that??

desireev 17

What comment??? What kind of comment is what?

Yes! Tell us! The suspense is killing me!!

**** his wife and yell "Hail to the king" as you cum.

So do what he suggested! Just suck it up!

...and suffer with a possibly narcissist boss who demands everyone to praise him. Nice job...

I mean, suck it up and do as he requested. Of course, no said you had to say it sincerely. (For the record, this was posted before I saw #10)

twifan1901 0

Sincere or not "hailing the king" is crazy

builditbetter09 3

Or while everyone is yelling "hail to the king" blurt out "**** YOU!!!" then look at the person next to you like wtf?

#12- By [un]sincerely I meant sarcastic. I was just trying to not be as rudely blunt as some people on here are. :)

Hey look! My comment got down voted so many times that it was hidden! That's a first! :D

nixter5 18

What would make it even better is if the boss played Darth Vader music as he walks off.

Death to all who oppose me says the boss

**** rebellions those take time and planning no I say mutiny and appoint ur own new boss

ikickgingers 15

Hail to the king baby!!!!!!!! Army Of Darkness **** yes!!!!!

That's some bull crap. He cant fire you if you don't though.

He can make your life hell though. There are so many little things a boss can do to mess with you; it's like an art almost.

Actually if it's an at will state he can but not disclose the reason. So... Man up.

Apologies for ignorance here, what is an "at will state"? OP is in the UK, can I go right ahead an assume the post above is idiotic and irrelevant?

It means your boss can fire you at will; he doesn't need a reason why.

Ah, you're right. Pardon my intoxicated assumption without looking to see op was in the uk. Oopsie poopsie.

hateevryone 14
IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

He must have something stuck up his ass lol

That would be exactly the opposite of manning up...

Just tell everyone in the office that "Hail to the King" actually means "Go **** yourself, you pretentious twat". Then you can all say it as much as you want.

monkeysareyummy 0

So doc, what are those objects in the x-ray that are in the person? I can't tell.

If you can't tell you're probably not old enough to know.

thatKidzmOm 10

It's not IN the's AROUND the...err...person.

Well 126. Thats an X-ray of a woman's pelvis and the little round thing you see is a condom stuck inside of her ******.

thatKidzmOm 10

Actually it's a guy with a **** ring.

What's the wire up by the spinal cord? Also, this may be stupid, but doesn't a X-ray only show medal, i.e. Not condoms?

jessesgirl14 16

152- I'm assuming you mean metal, but no, metal is not the only thing to show up in an xray...

The wire is just part of a heart monitor.

monkeysareyummy 0

I love this great, deep, and thoughtful conversation and all, but I just want to know what it is and not someone guessing if it has to do with cocks or not.

monkeysareyummy 0

Oops sorry I posted that comment ^ before I saw docs comment. Forgive me. But is that what the ring thing is too?

bamagrl410 31

142 - Usually before an x-ray you're asked to remove metal from the area being x-rayed. That would include a **** ring, so I'm not so sure that's what that is.

bamagrl410 31

Nevermind... Just read Doc's blog & found the explanation. I officially feel stupid.

jellitonoctopus 19

I'm thrilled to see you've updated the stories from trauma bay, they are my favorite bedtime stories.

Oh that would make more sense I mistook it for a woman's pelvis