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Today, my boyfriend informed me that to save money, he's been using the same condom for the last month. FML
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That's sooo gross!

Hey, its a tough economy...


That's sooo gross!

How the hell did OP not know for that long?

how often do you guys have sex...

The real question is: How do you know if there was a hole in it or not? You don't. See you in 9 months, OP.

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Your boyfriend doesn't get stuff, does he?

1, thank you captain obvious.

26 yeah, the boyfriends idea of saving money will cost him more in the long run

15- You'd think the condom would start to look familiar, huh?

RainbowHeadache 2

That is gross... wouldn't it end up drying out and getting crunchy after a while? :|

The fuck?? You can get a pack of 30 for 10$!

72- That is about $.33 per condom. I could get one in a nasty gas station bathroom for a quarter.

Yes but the condom would be as nasty as the bathroom you bought it from

This reminds me of a picture that's been floating around on the Internet for some time about a girl who used a used condom on her sleeping boyfriend and it broke, and she essentially raped him, and he never knew any of it took place. Disturbing mind that girl has.

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Just like the condom... Your BF decided to go green

86- I like it nasty

if it,s stupid but works, it isn't stupid.

If he thinks condoms are expensive imagine how expensive the baby is

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I guess we will be getting a FML soon about how OP is soon to be pregnant..

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Dammnnnnn Sally, why are you hating on crunchy condoms?

78- $.30 a condom. Not that difficult.

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pregnacy test

188 - How stupid to correct someone that's right with an incorrect answer - $10.00/30 condoms = .33c each....

Don't forget to add sales tax to that.

212- thank you for fixing his math while I was at school. Apparently I need to take 188 with me...

212- 30 condoms divided by 3.00 or 300 cents is 30. Smd.

It's 10 dollars. If I ever paid 30 dollars for condoms I'd want them laced with gold and unicorn hair.

Go get checked, you can probably get a STD from that

PoopNuggetLeader 4

282 STDs don't grow out off a condom

wouldnt that hurt after the first few times? thats a bio-hazard

How would we know how often they had sex in the past month?

That condom must be packed full of cum harder than an Alaskan pipeline is packed full of frozen turd

Is anyone else impressed by the durability of that condom? What brand was that, op?

Hey, its a tough economy...

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He's a baller on a budget

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Just remember, kids; condoms are cheaper than diapers.

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Even so a lot of planned parenthoods give condoms for free.. The one near me gives you 15 durex condoms, no charge.

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One of those support groups around here decided to hand out fliers with condoms stapled to them... the staple was through the condom.

Lol. @ 94. That's genius

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Where have you been since 2008?

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Well how else would it stay?

Even tougher with possibly a baby on the way

Well we know a few things about ops bf. He broke, retarded, but apparently can last during sex.. Either that or she's boring as hell.. It does take two to tango..

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Practical, yet stupid, but yet again, practical

But yet again stupid

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But then again very practical

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Not practical if she gets preggo

Lol dickydickman

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OMFG, that's disgusting!!!!

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How is that pissible? I dont get it! Doesnt it hav to be new for a guy to use it? I mean thats way to gross

...hah "pissible" so gonna use that....

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22- Amen.

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Have your parents given you the sex talk yet?

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Must be like a war memorial... Each new generation gets to see where their predecessors fell.

44- There are no women on the Internet.

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Best response ev-ar!

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Reminds me of an episode of panty and stocking where there was a tissue shortage XD

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this made me laugh, and then i thought about it a little bit more and kind of wanted to vomit.

Dude looks like a lady! ...Oh, wait

That's like a crazy acid sperm condom.

Haha I have that same Mario sweet tin from your profile picture. The sweets tasted weird but I kept the mushroom.

He batter get some new condoms and pay 3$ before his condom breaks and he would have to pay child support

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Lol ya mention better lmao

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